Rumor has it that former Bachelorette Emily Maynard only cares about one thing these days – being famous. Shocker! Ugh. I am sooo over Emily. 

ABC reportedly wants Emily to be the Bachelorette again; however, it sounds like Princess Emily's sole focus right now is landing her own talk show. And Emily allegedly plans to move from Charlotte to Los Angeles to better her chances of landing such a gig. Obviously, if Emily moves away from Charlotte, so does Emily's daughter Ricki

Understandably, Ricki's grandparents (parents of Emily's late finance Ricky Hendrick) are not too happy about Emily's desire to move their granddaughter across the country. According to RadarOnline, this moving business has caused major stress within the family, as the Hendricks feel as if Emily puts "her thirst for fame" ahead of Ricki's well-being.

Radar's source claimed, "Rick, Linda, and Emily do not speak at all now, aside from having to make arrangements regarding Ricki. They are majorly feuding and I don't see a resolution being reached anytime soon." 


Those closest to Emily have repeatedly said that famewhoring has changed her. "[The] fame has drastically changed Emily, it's gone to her head, and Rick and Linda are concerned over how that is affecting their granddaughter," the source said. "They believe it is important for a child to be installed with a strong set of morals and to enjoy a stable upbringing and they are worried that's not the case right now, as Emily appears more concerned with making it big than being a mom." Ouch! 
The source added, "Rick and Linda were horrified by the news that Emily wants to move to California. They can't bear the thought of Ricki being that far away from them, she is the one thing that makes the pain of losing their son tolerable. They see so much of Ricky in their granddaughter, they love her to pieces and have become incredibly close to her — she keeps the memory of Ricky alive."
Beyond the fact that the Hendricks would miss Ricki terribly (because, let's be honest, they can afford to fly across the country anytime they want to see her), they are worried that living in L.A. wouldn't be healthy for her. The source said, "They are determined that Ricki be allowed as regular and normal an upbringing as possible and believe that being raised in Hollywood would not make that feasible."  
While I totally think the Hendricks' concerns are valid, how and where Ricki is raised is ultimately up to Emily. At the end of the day, I feel bad for Ricki, who is so young and caught in the middle of the family drama.  
Have I mentioned how over Emily I am? She's beautiful but so very vapid. I certainly cannot see her spearheading a daily talk show. Price Is Right model? Perhaps. Talk show host? No way. If only Emily had found the love of her life a sugar daddy on the Bachelorette… we might have been rid of her once and for all.
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