REPORT: Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore Suing A Popular Atlanta Blogger!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5

Kenya Moore is the resident Real Housewives of Atlanta crazy and while many have suspected she is majorly ramping things up for the camera time and career boost – something about me thinks her koo-koo-kachoo behavior may just be more authentic than we think! 

Kenya has already been caught in one scandal to get a storyline for the show. She convinced former boyfriend Walter Jackson to pose as her serious boyfriend whom she was talking marriage and family with. Unfortunately once the cameras stopped rolling Walter decided to call it quits on the prank prompting Kenya to start spreading rumors around Atlanta that he is gay! 

Well, now Kenya is apparently being caught in another lie! Anyone remember when Kenya claimed she owned her massive Atlanta home? According to a popular Atlanta blogger Funky Dineva, Kenya is only renting it!


Kenya moved from LA to ATL only to appear on RHOA and not knowing whether her position on the show would be permanent or not, she allegedly didn't have any intention of laying down roots just yet. Makes sense, right? Except Kenya apparently wanted it to look as if she was serious about living in Atlanta. 

Funky Dineva recently posted a check written by Kenya for "July Rent" (that's written in the "For" line) and signed by Kenya. Oops. When Kenya found out her alleged secret was exposed she threatened to sue Funky Dineva for "posting a stolen check" online, claiming "Criminal Invasion of Privacy"! 

Kenya sent a statement to the blogger threatening legal action! 

“I have spoken to my attorneys and have filed a police report and will be speaking to the DA tomorrow to proceed with Criminal prosecution of Invasion of Privacy, bank fraud and a civil lawsuit. The first two 2 charges mandate jail time if found guilty.”

“As a result of this breach of my security and criminal theft by conversion, my bank accounts have been compromised and hacked."

"My life and my personal security is not a joke and I will prosecute these relentless and ignorant common criminals to the fullest extent of the law."

Funky Dineva is confident Kenya has no case based on Georgia State Law which stipulates "you generally cannot be held liable for publishing truthful information obtained from government records open to public inspection." 

However I personally think Kenya is just all upset that she got caught in yet another exaggeration of the truth! Was Kenya really that desperate to get her enhanced booty on reality teevee that she needed to enhance the truth that much?

Hey – I guess Gone With The Wind Fabulous is all about fibbing, right?

Moving on, tonight the ladies of RHOA are still in Anguilla and Walter discovers just what Kenya has been telling everyone behind his back! Walter decides it's time to put a stop to the rumors that he's marrying Miss Crazy-S-A, so he sets her and the rest of the gang straight! 

Reality Tea will be cozying up with some spiked egg nog and Christmas cookies to live-tweet all the shenanigans. We so hope you'll join us! Too bad we can't do a cookie exchange!

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c. 

[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]