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Mimi Faust and Stevie J's relationship has been up and down, up and down. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars seemed to have things all worked out, but according to a new interview Mimi reveals they are officially dunzo and struggling to co-parent, but unfortunately Joseline's influence is causing major tension! 

"We have not been back together but we do have a 3 year old that we do have to co-parent," Mimi shares with "We do have to do some kind of business together." 

Mimi adds that they are "absolutely not" living together and haven't been since July. "I ended up staying at his house because of the baby a few months ago but we still weren't together." Mimi reveals they decided to co-habitate because of childcare. "I moved in because his sister was the nanny. I was traveling and working and his sister was there to watch Eva. It was convenient for when I had to just get up and go, she was right there with the baby." 


However things have definitely changed since then. Obviously. Ahem… Joseline. "I don't know what they're doing. It appears to me that they're together but he lies to me and says they are not," Mimi states of Stevie and Joseline's chaotic relationship.

"He's with her everyday so if you ask me they're together. He's still lying though, saying 'No, they're not' and 'It's just work', and still with that s***," she laughs. 

Mimi reveals that despite what Stevie has been telling people she has full custody of their daughter Eva. "Eva lives with me. Eva has always lived with me. Always. She goes where I go." Stevie's sister is no longer the nanny either and they still do not have a court order in place regarding custody. 

"We've never, ever, ever gone to court about anything. We've never step foot into a court room, ever," Mimi adds. WHAT?!

As for why Stevie would tell people otherwise, Mimi says he is trying to antagonize her. "Stevie J is just childish and spiteful. That's basically it. Anytime he gets upset or mad it can cause him to lie about any given thing at any given time. So, there you have it." 

"I don't want to deal with him," Mimi adds. "He's still playing this game where he wants me to deal with him while he's dealing with her [Joseline] and Lord knows who else. I'm cool on that. I don't want to be bothered." 

A major point of contention in Mimi and Stevie's situation is that Mimi "150%" does not trust Joseline around Eva. "I don't like her around my daughter. I don't want her around my daughter but if he's with her how can I prevent that? I'm not longer there so I can't control what goes on in that house," Mimi reveals.

"That was part of the reason I WAS there. I knew his sister was watching Eva and I knew that if I was there that Joseline would not be there, but when I moved out and got my own I can't control who goes over there. I can't stop her from coming over there. That's my issue that I'm dealing with now." 

"My daughter sees her [Joseline]. She knows her name," Mimi says. "Joseline will be screaming 'Oh, I love you Eva!' just to be antagonistic towards me, its just so much BS with the entire situation." 

"There's a lot of things that Joseline should stay her ass out of, but she doesn't so I mean, hey… She's always getting into something that has nothing to do with her," Mimi says. "She is always doing something that had nothing to do with her so I expect nothing less as far as this situation is concerned." 


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