Love & Hip Hop Recap: Girls Gone Riled


I honestly don't know what to think about Love & Hip Hop.  First I loved it, then I was "eh," and now I keep switching up which cast members I like and which ones annoy the poo out of me.  Can you guess who was getting on my nerves during the recent hip hop shenanigans?

Last night's episode begins with Olivia Longott meeting Erica Mena so Erica can apologize (is that what she's attempting?) for her behavior at Yandy's party the following evening.  She hadn't planned on being so confrontational.  Of course, then Erica starts going off on Liv for not doing a favor for Rich Dollaz and making the record with her.  Erica is sick of watching Rich do everything for Olivia when she gives him nothing in return…nothing but a paycheck!  Does Erica understand what it means to be a manager?  She then starts warning Liv that her friendship with Rich is faltering, but Olivia assures Erica that they've been best friends for years, and that isn't going to change.  Huffy that she can't change Olivia's mind about the song by just trying to talk over her, Erica storms away.  So much for that apology, right?

Jen Bayer heads into the studio to visit with her friend Raqi Thunda.  Raqi is Muslim, and she would like to get a woman's perspective on Consequence's religion.  Jen has considered converting, but she wants their son to be able to experience Christmas and Easter.  Raqi is flabbergasted that the pair didn't discuss their religious differences before having a child together, and Jen is in tears over the thought that she'll never bake Christmas cookies with Caden.


Tahiry Jose isn't convinced that Joe Budden has stopped relapsing.  She thinks he's still using.  They meet at church, and Joe is dressed like Professor Lasky from Saved By the Bell: The College Years.  She encourages him to see a drug counselor, but he says he doesn't need one.  Joe now claims that he's clean, and he refuses to speak to anyone…in fact, he thinks that now Tahiry's concern is just an excuse so that she can stay in his life.  Give me a break.  I am so sick of his manipulative ways.

Cons wants to hear about Jen's conversation with Raqi.  He needs her to immerse herself in Islam.  Cons requires a Muslim household, and he thinks Jen is spoiled…at least he doesn't cheat on her.  What?  She's floored.  She's a lucky girl because her boyfriend is faithful?  Jen finally agrees to speak to one of Cons mentors who could potentially make her religious transition easier. 

Liv and Rich are reliving their knock-down-drag-out over Erica and the record, and Olivia wants to know why Erica thinks it's alright to be in her and Rich's business relationship.  Rich reminds Olivia that Erica is a novice who is sometimes unfiltered and street.  He is asking her to perform with Erica as a personal favor.  Olivia still refuses…things with Erica aren't personal for her, and she doesn't want Rich mixing his personal life with their business relationship.


We finally see Yandy Smith and Mendeecees (although I am having a hard time given what someone said in the comments last week about him being an alleged child molester), and they are going through a difficult time with baby Amir.  After getting back some test results, Yandy leaves Amir with her mother, and she and Mendeecees head to the hospital to speak with a doctor.  Amir has an obstruction that is causing issues with his kidneys, and he is going to require surgery.  Yandy is scared and heartbroken, and she's not sure if she wants her new baby undergoing surgery.

Jen and Cons are meeting with his spiritual advisor at his Mosque.  Jen gets teary pleading her case, but Cons is worried that mixing Islam and Christianity will confuse Caden.  The advisor informs Cons that he need not be so rigid, and he advises the couple to get married.  Jen is thrilled at the prospect of hiding Easter eggs.


Amir is in surgery, and Yandy is beside herself with worry.  Mendeecees does a good job off talking her down off the ledge.  These women have low expectations…Yandy thanks Mendeecees for coming with her to the hospital.  Excuse me, but where else would he be?  He needs to pull up his britches.

Raqi and Jen are having a girls' night at a local club, and Jen is excited to be out on the town.  While Raqi gets a drink, Tahiry heads over to catch up with Jen.  She introduces Jen to Rashidah Ali, and then the eye rolling commences when Raqi returns.  Rashidah is excited to finally meet the girl who is sleeping her way through the record business.  She asks Raqi about deejaying, and Raqi starts talking smack about Tahiry.  Both Rashidah and Jen urge the ladies to stand down and for a hot second I think the women are going to be able to be civil.  Poor Jen is way out of her element.  Rashidah then calls out Raqi for working her way through the industry on her back.  Hurling insults, Raqi walks off, with poor Jen running after her in disbelief.  Perhaps she's as confused as I am about Tahiry's outfit.


Yandy is overjoyed when Amir's surgery is a success.  Both she and Mendeecees believe that their prayers have been answered.  He wants to celebrate by getting Yandy pregnant with a baby girl.  Creepy.  Thankfully, Yandy isn't planning on having any more kids with Mendeecees out of wedlock, so he needs to step up to the plate.  He assures her that he's got that under control. 

The following day, Jen and Raqi are breaking down the previous evening's events.  Raqi is glad that Jen had her back when she didn't necessarily have to follow her out of the club.  I think that she actually just needed a ride home!  Raqi knows all about Rashidah and her credit card scams and face-cutting ways.  What?  Who ARE these people?  She also pitches an idea for a radio show to Jen.  Jen is elated.  She has been wanting to get back on the air…although Cons has gotten quite used to her staying home.

Tahiry ambushes Joe, and he's not happy to see her until she reveals that she's brought him a present.  When unwraps a drug test, he refuses to take it–he's not on drugs.  Tahiry warns him that if he doesn't take it, she won't be there as his support system anymore.  Joe finally agrees if Tahiry will cook for him.  They come to a deal where she will cook two dinners and a dessert for him if he'll just pee in the cup.  The test is negative, although Tahiry is a little concerned about how hard it is to see the pink lines that render it negative. 


Rich has booked some studio time with a quality producer that he knows can bring out the best in Erica.  As she arrives, he receives a phone call from said producer who is now refusing to work with Erica after she told him at a club that she didn't like his records.  Rich is starting to think that maybe Olivia is right about Erica.  He wants her to learn how to keep her mouth shut.  Erica then turns it around and says that it's all Rich's fault for booking the producer so late in the game.  She storms off yet again, and Rich tells her to enjoy her career.

Next week, Erica begs Rich to get her on another record, and Yandy tells Rich that he's playing wirh fire by dealing with Erica.  He asks her to have a chat with Erica to see how he should proceed.  Tahiry cooks for Joe, and Erica has Yandy feeling sorry for her.  Jen and Raqi get into it over their radio show.


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