Adrienne Maloof Comes Clean On Surrogacy! Plus, Kim Richards Says Fighting With Brandi Glanville On RHOBH Was “Horrible!”



Two steps forwards, two steps backwards for ol' Brandi Glanville. After she possibly on accident/possibly on purpose outed the well-known secret of Adrienne Maloof's surrogacy she's been thrown into a massive drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Well one thing is certain – Brandi forced Adrienne to fess up to the rent-a-uterus. And she gave Adrienne a storyline for the first time ever. Way to go Adrienne – you're finally semi-relevant!

While that is all fine and good, Adrienne is holding firm in her accusations that Brandi ruined her family and destroyed her children's innocence. Oh Adrienne – give it a rest already. I agree with Brandi you claimed their father was abusing you and your children in the media – and that is much worse! 


Brandi did destroy our family,” Adrienne insists to Life & Style. “Brandi took away something so precious from our family.” Adrienne confirms that she planned to wait until her twin sons were older before letting them know the truth about their birth. 

“I would think Brandi, being a single mother, would have a heart and understand my feelings, where I’m coming from,” Adrienne adds. 

“Right now I’m really hurt and upset, especially because I’ve stuck up for Brandi as a mother in the past.” Adrienne also claims Brandi's comment is the straw that broke the camel's back in her marriage to Paul Nassif.

Adrienne sure is giving Brandi a whole lotta credit. Those mile-long legs must be made of sheer magic with unearthly power. Brandi destroyed both Adrienne's marriage and her childrens' lives with one sentence? Color me im-pressed! 

Brandi continues to insist Adrienne is full of it of course. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what I said," Brandi asserts. "We all knew it already. She would always lie about it. It’s not that big of a deal. They’re still your children, just somebody else had to carry them.”

Well while Brandi isn't winning any friends in camp Adrienne, she is developing a surprising friend in Kim Richards! "It feels good to not have a problem with Brandi any longer," Kim shares. 

Kim confesses to OK! Magazine that fighting with Brandi was "one of the worst things that's ever happened to me." Kim admits that Brandi accusing her of doing crystal meth was “devastating to me, it had a huge impact. Horrible.” 

However she has moved past that and forgiven Brandi. "In order for me to move forward I had to let go of anything I was holding against her,” Kim reveals. “She apologized and I had to, in my heart, really forgive her. Just to say, ‘It’s ok’ doesn’t mean anything if you don’t mean it.”

Kim also admits that she too was at fault in the argument where she called Brandi, among other things, a "slut pig." "I apologized for my wrongs and my part in that," Kim clarifies. 

While Kim and Brandi are in a much more positive place, Kim can't say the same for all her co-stars. "I've had my moments with everybody, where I thought I had friendships with people and then I was caught off guard by things they've said behind my back."

"You don’t know with this show, because you think people are your friends and then you turn around and watch an episode and they’re talking behind your back, or they’re saying something that isn’t true or isn't nice,” Kim adds. 

Wow – wonder who Kim was referring to! 

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