Big Rich Atlanta Recap: Harvin Eadon Paints… And Hurts


Ever since Big Rich Atlanta premiered, an annoying little gnat has been flying around my face, buzzing in my ear, and burning up my eye balls. Well, it gives me much joy to report that Ashlee Wilson-Hawn has left Atlanta. And my TV. While I'm sure this will be a short-lived triumph, I welcome the chance to spend more drama-free time with the other ladies of Big Rich Atlanta

To kick off this glorious Gnatlee-free episode, family friend Queen Evelyn helps Virginia KolbHarvin Eadon, and Meyer Eadon prep for the Gay Pride parade. Costumes are involved. Of course. "Costumes are everything to us," Meyer announces. "We would never go anywhere without costumes."

New addition to my bucket list: rock a costume and party with Virginia, Harvin, and Meyer at least once before I die. And, if I dare to be greedy, Bonnie Blossman and Whitney Whatley will be there as well. #diehappy


Harvin becomes uncomfortable when the group begins to talk about her artwork. Harvin's talent is undeniable; however, her paintings are too personal (to her) to share comfortably. Queen Evelyn pushes the ladies out the door – it's parade time! – before the conversation gets too serious. 

Sharlinda Parker, Kahdijiha Rowe, and their family business manager, Toni, meet to talk about filing a defamation of character suit against Gnatlee.  

Kahdijiha refers to Gnatlee's version of Cupcake Drama as a "pack of lies" and wants to set the record straight. Kahdijiha says she most certainly did not drag her on the floor or rip off her clothes, like she claims, and Toni eventually comes to the conclusion that Gnatlee lives in fantasy land. Exactly. Kahdijiha is like, Gnatlee better get her sex tape on because she lacks the talent and charisma to be famous straight up. 

I wonder if Ashlee spends her time away from Atlanta reading Kardashian's Guide to Famewhoring? #wholebodyshudder

Next, Marcia Marchman allows Meagan McBrayer the opportunity to present her plans for Poppy Red, the fashion boutique on wheels business, to a business advisor friend. Oh… Meagan…


Has she never heard of a PowerPoint presentation? When Meagan presents a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper with a few pictures of a truck on it, Deborah asks for more detailed information about the fashion truck. Deborah says "more info" but Meagan hears "let's play Pictionary." The cringe-worthy scene ends with Deborah telling Meagan that her presentation is not ready for Win, Lose, or Draw investors. Marcia jests, "What? You don't like the picture?" Ouch for Meagan… but that is HILARIOUS. 

Marcia is brutally honest with her daughter – Poppy Red is off to a horrific start. Meagan cries. Marcia hugs Meagan, saying, "I just want you to do something for you. I want to be there for you, but I want you to do it on your own." 

Meanwhile, Sharlinda and Virginia meet at the club and decide an art show, to showcase Harvin's artwork, is in order. Virginia shows some hesitation – but not enough – and I totally blame the Grey Goose Vodka with a lemon twist that she's drinking. Poor Harvin. Also at the club, Meagan and her brother, McCain, run into Anandi McKenzie and Diana Davidson. When Meagan asks the girls how Boss Bitch Boot Camp is going, Diana admits she got kicked out. Meagan says, "Maybe it's for the best," to which I say, "Truer words have never been spoken." 

Sharlinda sets up a meeting between Harvin and the owner of an art gallery to discuss the art show that Harvin clearly wants nothing to do with. Harvin is late. An irked Sharlinda says, "Virginia, she's a sweetheart, but she just does not have a grip on those girls." Harvin, with mom and sister in tow, shows up thirty minutes late. Harvin is like, we're always late! Sharlinda is like, not on my time! 

When the gallery owner asks her to explain her painting of Jesus, Harvin struggles to find the right words and admits she's freaking out inside. Trying to encourage Harvin, Sharlinda says, "A lot of people can relate to these pieces. I need you to stand up and own this. This is you. Own up to it, believe in it, and roll with it." At this point, I truly believe that Sharlinda means well and only wants to help Harvin face her fear. 

Marcia tells Meagan that she should hold off on Poppy Red for now, adding, "It's been too much of a roller coaster. I don't want you to rush into something you're not ready for." Completely caught off guard, Meagan tells her mom that she and her broke-ass truck will move forward without her help, then. Marcia is like, You mean that truck that barely moves? How exactly do you plan on getting it from point A to point B? When Meagan mumbles something about a trailer, Marcia begs her daughter to take a step back for now. While I hope Meagan someday makes her dream a reality, I agree that she's not quite ready.


When Mama Goose tells Harvin that she's missing some makeup, Harvin quips, "HAHAHA. I know." On a more serious note, Harvin is still agonizing over the idea of sharing her paintings – her secrets, her art diaries, her emotional wounds – with the public. While an overwhelmed (and emotionally spent) Harvin cuddles her puppy, Virginia shares, "Harvin's art is an expression of her hurt. If she could share that more openly, it would help her healing process." Having lost a family member to suicide, I completely understand Harvin's pain. Thinking about Harvin's path, Virginia adds, "She might come home again." My heart breaks for them all. 

After hitting it off while bowling, Anandi and McCain plan a real date, much to Sabrina McKenzie's surprise. McCain, the poor sucker, rings Anandi's doorbell. Sabrina immediately frets about evil penises and body snatchers and peak-a-boo boobs and sex and rubbers. She's a little lot high strung. Anandi tells her mom that she's "done with this conversation" and drags McCain out of the house. 

On the night of Harvin's art show, Sharlinda storms into the art gallery, demanding that everything be perfect for her show. Well, color me confused, but I thought this was Harvin's show. Yes, Sharlinda generously went out of her way to make this happen for Harvin, but she comes across as "me, me, it's all about me, me, me" at the event.

Sharlinda loses her mind when Virginia and Meyer show up sans the guest of honor. I don't get the nasty reaction to Harvin's unexpected absence. Until now, Sharlinda was handling the art show, umm, just fine on her own. I imagine art is sold without the artist being present all the time. If that's not true, then, my goodness, being an artist must be exhausting!

Sharlinda tells Virginia that it's time for her to push her not-so-little birds out of the nest. Virginia says, "This isn't about letting them grow up… this is Harvin's heart and soul from trauma." Then, Virginia adds, "This is not Harvin's dream business." Oh. My. Goodness. The sh*t hits the fan. 


First of all, I thought that point was clear from the very beginning. The way I understood it, Harvin has never entertained the idea of showing and/or making money off her paintings, because putting them – and herself – on display was too painful. Acting irrationally, Sharlinda screams, "Everybody, everybody, the party is over. The artist coward out. She does not want to come and appear here tonight. Her heart is not in it."

It pains me to write this, because I'm team Kahdijiha, but Sharlinda's loud announcement totally reminds me of something Ashlee would do.

When Meyer tells her to settle down, Sharlinda screams, "Don't you talk to me like that." It's very obnoxious. I don't understand why Sharlina is screaming and acting so crazed. At one point, a glass of wine gets dumped on Kahdijiha, and I can't help but to laugh. Not AT her…hopefully WITH her.. girl can't stay dry at a party to save her life.

Well, Harvin finally arrives, and is like, what the hell is going on here? For reasons I'll never understand, Sharlina immediately puts Harvin on the spot, asking her to talk about a painting. When Harvin freezes, Sharlinda meanly says, "She is never lost for damn words, I don't know why she's lost for words now." Meyer and Virginia come to Harvin's defense, and Sharlinda tells them to stop trying to steal her joy. Call me crazy, but Harvin doesn't appear to be too joyful. In fact, Harvin grabs her paintings and walks out of the art gallery.

Harvin later says the art show was horrifying and certainly didn't prove to be the grand healing experience that everyone promised. Note to Mama Goose: No more big ideas when the Grey Goose is involved, mmmkay? 
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