Caroline Manzo Promotes New Book; Acknowledges Albert May Have Cheated! Says RHONJ Is “Tough” But “Incredible”


It's almost time for Caroline Manzo to return to our television screens on Real Housewives of New Jersey. I know you're all so excited! In the meantime, while we await her redheaded fury, we can busy ourselves reading her new book, Let Me Tell You Something…

Since the book drops next Tuesday, Caroline is working overtime getting the message out that this is something you need to buy. In an interview with the NY Daily News, Caroline discusses how people perceive her, dealing with difficult people, and how she handles the onslaught of accusations from fans and co-workers. 

Caroline believes she often speaks for the group when she chooses to confront people. “When I address something, it’s usually with a hard hand,” she concedes.“It’s fast and furious.”


“I never attack anybody,” she insists. “But when I’m provoked, I’ll address it.” Caroline admits there are moments on the show that deeply affect her. Like last season's epic fight with Teresa Giudice in Napa. “Afterward my entire body was shaking,” Caroline recalls. “Shaking. I went into my bedroom and I just broke down.”

Caroline is more optimistic about season five, which is currently filming. Peace she says, "It could happen." She also affirms that this season will definitely not be dull. “We manage to top ourselves.”

Unequivocally the hardest part for Caroline has been the public scrutiny both she and her family faced as a result of the show. "The experience is incredible,” Caroline explains. “But we’re targets. And there’s a valuable lesson in that for my children. Life is big. Life is tough. There’s adversity in anything you do. And you deal with it."

“When someone calls your daughter fat, or the perception is that my sons are gay, or mama’s boys, at the end of the day it makes them stronger. But it’s not easy going through it.”

She also has difficulties with her marriage being speculated about – particularly the accusations of Albert Manzo's fidelity! Caroline addresses the idea that he may have been unfaithful. “I know the man I married. He’s a good man. But he’s a man. I don’t believe there were any long-term affairs. If that were the case, this story would end differently,” Caroline confesses. 

“If something happened here or there along the way, it’s very possible. I have no inclination of that, but logic tells me …” Caroline admits. “I can’t worry about 20 years ago.” WOW! That's quite an admission. Yikes. 

Caroline dismissed questions about sister Dina Manzo, who recently announced her separation from Albert's brother Tommy. Caroline and Dina still have not rebuilt their relationship. 

When asked what legacy she hopes to leave in reality television, Caroline is completely realistic. “I’m a wife and a mother, not a star,” she acknowledges. “Though I would like to be an asset to reality television.”

This is a really frank, refreshing, and brave interview. I hope that it is a sign that Caroline – and all the ladies of RHONJ – have managed to move past a lot of the negativity and spite. Perhaps therapy is working!

Below is a video of Caroline discussing the challenges of being on the show! 

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