Teresa Giudice Turns To Caroline Manzo For Help With Family Reconciliation On Real Housewives Of New Jersey!


Yes, you read the above right! The tangled web of 'I hate you, I love you, I want to destroy your life, oh but I just want us to be close again' that is Real Housewives of New Jersey just got… crazier? Hold on – you're in for a wild one!

Yesterday we reported that despite an alleged reconciliation of the Gorgadice families, Joe Gorga said things were still very, very bad between the families. 

Following two seasons of the same fighting between Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga (and massive fan backlash), Bravo hired new producers to handle S5 of RHONJ as they apparently want a storyline with a more positive spin. Melissa hinted at this in an earlier interview. 

According to an exclusive obtained by TamaraTattles, producers are so desperate for this family feud to end they are forcing Teresa, Melissa, and the Joes to film together and make nice (our source confirmed they held a staged playdate to appear like they are working things out). 


Tamara's source said producers insisted the Gorgadices, along with Kathy and Richie Wakile (who are rumored to be downgraded to 'Friends of The Housewives' this season) go on a family retreat to Lake George in the Adirondacks to try to get along. Except things didn't go so well! 

Tamara reports the producers had Teresa suggest the trip so "everyone can work out their issues once and for all." And although the trip started off OK, there was an argument where Poison called Teresa as "trash" (is that a step-up from garbage?). This caused the two Joews to get into a fist fight! 

Apparently Teresa then turned to another former nemesis for help and advice! She called Caroline Manzo (at producers' urging) to come to resort and help the family work through their issues! YES!

Despite RadarOnline reporting Teresa is accusing Caroline's husband Albert of infidelity on the upcoming season, our sources say Caroline and Teresa have actually decided to try and get along, thus making the best of a bad situation! They're stuck together during filming – and both of them want to look better in the eyes of the fans. Sounds like a good plan to me! 

Anyway, Caroline actually came to Lake George to try and help the families out – and apparently it worked, temporarily. This all bodes well with Caroline pimping a new book, hitting shelves right as the show premieres, in which she writes about advice and family matters. 

No word on whether or not the peace treaty was real, staged, or temporary but whatever the case the families left Lake George speaking and in a better place – at least on camera! 

There's apparently some other tea brewing in the pot though concerning the producers – and that is who will be getting this season's "villain" edit! For the last two seasons Teresa has been slammed hard and reportedly refused to return to the show if she was given another nasty edit, but since she's gunning for a spinoff she apparently signed on after some wrangling. 

Well, it's apparently Melissa's turn to look very, very bad on camera – and even though she's hoping to use her home life to gain popularity, she's apparently pissing off producers behind the scenes! 

The new producers aren't as taken with Missi as the old ones were (hey they dealt with Teresa for years!) and while Melissa apparently believes herself the new star of the show, she may be in for a rude awakening! 

"Melissa seems to feel like she outshone [Teresa] last season and so this season she can be the diva. Word is that Melissa is making bizarre demands to production and refusing to film scenes that don’t emphasize how rich and famous she is now (in her own mind)," Tamara reports. BWHAHAHAHA!

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