Big Rich Atlanta Recap: Cops Edition


Things take a turn for the serious this week on Big Rich Atlanta
Sabrina McKenzie visits Cori Davenport, who is friends with Kim Zolciak and Ashlee Wilson Hawn, to discuss possibly speaking to the youth who attend her gymnastics gym. Cori hopes that Sabrina will be willing to be a mentor of sorts to her students. Sabrina feels as if this is a phenomenal opportunity for her to share her testimony and give back. 
Meanwhile, Kahdijiha Rowe wants to treat mom Sharlinda Parker to a shopping spree on Daddy Q Parker's dime. "You know I want something," Kahdijiha says. "I love you, Dadddy." Q cuts straight to the point, asking, "How much?" Kaddijiha asks for 10K – Q offers 8K and Kahdijiha pouts. 
Next, we learn that Katie Davidson has invited Sabrina to lunch, and we all know it's not because she longs to spend time with a dear friend. Katie clearly has an agenda, saying, "I heard some ladies at the country club gossiping talking that Sabrina and Cori are becoming friendly. I felt compelled to be a bitch to give her a head's up about Cori, who might be taking advantage of preacher Sabrina, to bring some positive energy to her cheer gym."
Not positive energy! I hereby sentence Cori to death by stoning! Katie seriously needs to get over herself. 

According to Katie, Cori's reputation has taken a few hits as of late, and she's obviously using Sabrina and her "lovely name" and "lovely ministry" to regain some credibility since making the awful mistake of opening up her gym (and heart) to inner city kids. Katie dwells on the fact that Cori offered free tuition for some of these kids and Katie and her friends actually, you know, pay their tuition. Sabrina points out that not everyone is born rich and asks Katie is she ever feels a sense of responsibility to extend a helping to those who are less fortunate. Katie is like, Oh my goodness, I know. Of course. I know.
Katie has a but, of course, and says, "But, this is different, and other mothers had issues. Bringing in some inner city kids also brought in, as you can imagine, some other problems. Cori has had to rescue a few of them from tough situations, and there's been some controversy with that." Sabrina asks Katie if the inner city kids brought a negative connotation to the gym. With wide eyes, Katie says, "Well, yeah, honey!" Sabrina wants to know if this is proven or a myth, and Katie simply answers, "It's pretty serious." Sabrina calmly explains to Katie that not every kid who lives in poverty is bad, and Katie is like, I know. Of course. I know. I can't take much more of her. Sabrina, reading my mind, says, "Katie is just so insensitive. She says the meanest things and then she just cracks this corny smile." 
Certainly, I question the company that Cori keeps, but I can't find anything wrong with what she does for these kids. Honestly, after the batshittery that I witnessed last week from Katie's best friend Donald, I hardly trust her as a good judge of character. 
Moving on, sisters Harvin Eadon and Meyer Eadon spend the day at the spa, to celebrate Meyer's birthday. Havin suggests her younger sister get a facial to counteract her sagging eyes. Meyer totally appreciates the input. Obvi. And, what could have been a fabulously epic Harvin and Meyer scene is now over thanks to a rude interruption. Poor Meyer. 
Instead, we'll celebrate Meyer's birthday dinner with Harvin, Virginia Kolb, Marcia Marchman, and Meagan McBrayer. Chef Phil prepares and serves dinner, and Virginia says a lovely toast in honor of her younger daughter. The ladies graciously thank Phil for their delicious meal. Then, Virginia invites everyone out to the patio for a birthday surprise, to which Meyer says, "Phil! You're a stripper too?!" Honestly, I expected something similar from Virginia, but the surprise turns out to be a boob cake and the promise of a boob job for Meyer's 28th birthday. Virginia and Harvin sing "happy boob day" and then Harvin smashes the (cake) boob that she's responsible for (I gather that they're each paying for one, LOL) in Meyer's face. 
Everyone gets cake and icing smashed on their faces, and Meagan, Harvin, and Meyer eventually make their way to bathroom. While cleaning up, someone points out that having cake smashed in your face isn't as bad as having your hair pulled out, and Meagan admits that she thinks Ashlee embellisehd her story. Meagan adds, "Ashlee had it coming. She completely taunted Kahdijiha," to which Harvin says, "But Ashlee taunts everybody. That's "just" Ashlee." I completely agree with Meagan, who basically says, fine, go ahead and be an asshole, but at some point, then, you should expect to have your hair pulled out. A befuddled Harvin is like, Were we even at the same  party? Kahdijiha was talking mad crap too. Meyer calls Ashlee childish for her "jelly belly" taunts, and Harvin again excuses Ashlee's part (in the fight and life in general) because "that's just Ashlee being Ashlee." 
After further debate, Meagan adds, "Y'all really need to give Kahdijiha a chance. Once you get past that hard exterior, she is a good, loyal, sweet girl. She's a true friend." On her couch, Harvin reasons, "Of course Megean respects Kahdijiha for standing up to Ashlee. She wishes she, too, could do it all the times that Ashlee bullies her." Um. There's only one person on this show who likes Ashlee, which is pretty telling in itself, and even she straight up calls her a bully. I.. just.. can't.. 
Sabrina visits Cori, to fill her in on the gossipmonger's claims, and I'm shocked that Sabrina even found the courage to enter the gym full of needy, poisonous inner city kids. #sarcasm Sabrina's reveal brings Cori to tears. "Have you ever been wrong in your life?" sobs Cori. "I never said that any one of those kids are perfect." Despite being a bit of a drama queen, I agree with Cori, in that Katie clearly has a motive. It's just too bad that, if her plan had succeeded, Katie would have been hurting only the kids. Now, Sabrina's delivery is a little lot over the top, OMG, but she seems to have a huge heart. 
Next, Harvin and Meyer are off to the country club, to meet Meagan for lunch, and they're running late. As per usual. Tardiness is to be expected from Harvin and Meyer (being that fabulous doesn't come easy, mind you), unless they spend the morning playing with whoreos and sex toys, then they're early. #gofigure
The country club looks different today. What could it be? New shutters? Nope. Updated landscaping? Nope. Looks like Big Rich Atlanta: Cops Edition? Yup. Now, I knew this scene would be coming, but I never expected it to go down at the country club with what seems like the entire Atlanta PD assisting in the arrest. Clearly, Ashlee put the fear in them – if you like your hair, bring back up, because she's a wild one. This is seriously overkill.


So, cop after cop after cop after cop assistant after cop assistant assistant after cop car mechanic after cop storm into the club and hunt down and arrest Kahdijiha. Understandably, Sharlinda is hysterical, and Harvin, Meyer, and Meagan watch it all go down from the sidelines. Of course, Ashlee is also present, admiring her work from the parking lot. 
Harvin says her heart breaks for Sharlinda, adding, "I knew Ashlee was capable of this, but I never thought she'd actually go through with it. There couldn't have been a better place for Ashlee to pick humiliate Kahdijiha any more." Haha, it's so funny and not a big deal because that's just how Ashlee is, haha. Except – not. It's time for Harvin to stop excusing Ashlee's aggressive, hurtful, bully-like behaviors with crap like "that's just Ashlee being Ashlee." 
Meagan adds, "This is so ridiculous." Where's Sabrina?! I need an amen up in this recap. Amen, Meagan. AMEN. 
For the record, I don't condone violence or celebrate what Kahdijiha did, but I do believe Ashlee is taking this trauma victim act (especially since she also talks non-stop/brags about being Style's hired bully/villain) too far solely for attention. This is just my OPINION, of course, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me. 🙂 
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