RHOA’s Phaedra Parks Talks Motherhood; Porsha Stewart Makes First Appearance Since Husband Kordell Filed For Divorce

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It's been a big few weeks for Real Housewives of Atlanta gossip…some good, some not so good.  While the Bravo franchise had the worthy distinction of being the network's most watched show to date, newbie Porsha Stewart faced the news that husband Kordell was filing for divorce.  In light of this terrible situation, Porsha did what any good housewife would do.  She put on a brave face at the Bravo Upfronts presentation.  Kudos to her for trying to maintain some normalcy…or at least what's normal in the life of a reality star!

Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks is looking forward to baby boy number two with husband Apollo Nida.  Putting the much talked about Bootygate aside, the lawyer/mortician/over-the-top personality took some time to chat about her latest endeavors…mainly her expanding family.  Let's hear the good stuff first!


Speaking with Celebrity Baby Scoop, Phaedra dishes on on motherhood, upcoming RHOA drama, and balancing career and family.  Check out an excerpt from that interview below:

How is your second pregnancy going? Do you have any baby names in mind?

The pregnancy is going great, it’s going really good. I don’t have any baby names in mind as my husband will be giving him his name. I don’t know if he’s actually decided on a name yet.

Is [two-year-old Ayden] excited to be a big brother?

He says he is, but I’m not sure if he really comprehends that it will be another person living in our house on a daily basis. I am not sure if he thinks the baby is just going to be visiting for a short time. He’s very excited. He wanted a sister, but I’m having a son.

What can fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta expect to see in upcoming episodes?

I guess more of the same drama we’ve seen all season.

How do you balance your busy career and family life?

Well, it’s really about having effective time management. I think most women want to have it all, but sometimes it’s quite difficult to balance being a mom, being a wife, and having a successful career. At the end of the day it is all about scheduling and prioritizing.

You have to realize that you can’t do it all because no one can. You also have to be willing to ask for help. I think some of us moms get “Super Mom Syndrome” and we really don’t want to ask for help when we need it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying, “I need someone. I need a maid. I need someone to help me keep the house clean. I need someone to cook at least one day a week for me.”

At the end of the day, it’s about having a certain quality of life. To me, being a mother has more to do with being available to your child and having those moments that you can’t get back, such as reading the books, having the bath times, snuggling, and going to the park. That’s what’s important. I try to prioritize and make time for those moments, and I also try to ask for help when I need it. Sometimes it’s hard.

What do you have planned for Mother’s Day? What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

That’s what my husband has to plan [laughs]. I need my day off for myself. He better have his plans ready, because that’s one day he’ll be on the hot seat [laughs].

I think every day should be Mother’s Day, because moms do so much. For moms, I think Mother’s Day is the one day you should be able to do whatever you like. It is such an honor to have a living mother, and you should have that day to celebrate her. My mom and I are very close and she’s pretty much already told me what she wants for Mother’s Day. I will hopefully celebrate with her during that weekend. It will be right around the time my son is due, so I’m sure I wont be doing too much because I will be ready to pop [laughs].

Good luck to Apollo on both the name choosing and the Mother's Day plans!  There's a lot of room for error there, isn't there? 

While Phaedra is expanding her family, her co-star Porsha is facing the break-up of her marriage.  On Wednesday she made her first public appearance at Bravo's Upfronts since husband Kordell filed for divorce after being married less than two years. 

Even though she was all smiles at the event, Porsha admitted to Us Weekly, "This is a very difficult time for myself and my family. I'm just trying to remain strong. That's all I can do and stay prayerful and lean on my friends and family."

Season five viewers watched the newcomer argue with her former NFL star husband over everything from her wanting to go back to work, starting a family, and Kordell's need to control most aspects of their relationship.  Speaking on the difficulty of adjusting, Porsha shares, "Well, when you have strong arms and strong family around you, they cover you – that's what they're there for.  So that's who I'm leaning on. And it's really a blessing to see people, supporters and fans are standing up and just really showing me the love."


Also in attendance at the Bravo party, former cast mate Kim Zolciak also offered her thoughts on Porsha's split, although it was probably hard to hear her from way up on her high horse.  She tells the site, "I would never wish divorce upon my worst enemy.  If your marriage is not sound and strong, I do think there are problems. . . I definitely would not expose myself on television if [husband Kroy Biermann and I] were not in a really great place."  I hope none of Kim's dream house is made out of glass!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]