I know what y'all are watching on Bravo, that's for sure.  The ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta continue to break records in their fifth season…with all the drama there is a reason RHOA is the network's most watched show!  Close your legs to married men, WIG!

The women of the Peach State are notorious for bringing the crazy both on and off screen, and we've watched several of them work their way up from practically nothing to be huge success stories.  Of course, it goes both ways with some of the former ladies living far above their means.  Whether they are decorating ginormous marble-ladden, diamond encrusted houses of tackiness, drafting friendship contracts or recording catchy songs (Gone with the Wind Fabulous, anyone?), the ladies of RHOA are totally addicting!


According to a recent Bravo press release, over three million viewers tune in to watch RHOA each week making it the most popular season of the franchise to date.  In fact, Sunday's finale increased in viewership over 31 percent from the fourth season's finale.  Bravo, not surprisingly, is going to milk the show's good fortune for all it's worth–treating us to a three-part reunion which begins this Sunday.  Perhaps instead of peaches, the women should hold golden eggs in next season's opener!

NeNe Leakes has been with the show since it began, and she has likely reaped the most rewards for her reality stardom.  The Neenster also schools her new cast mates in proper RHOA behavior!  In her latest Bravo blog she writes, "What a season it was! We welcomed two new ladies and one original cast member exited to the left in the middle of the season, LOL! I'm the last original standing, and I can't say that I'm surprised. I might not be the best in the game, but my work ethic can beat most!" 

Speaking on Kenya Moore's antics regarding Porsha Stewart, NeNe shares, "As far as Kenya throwing Porsha out of the party, one word — ridiculous! It felt like I was watching Season 1 of our show when Sheree wouldn’t let me in her party! Kenya, did you watch all of our previous seasons?" 

Continuing, NeNe blogs, "Let's talk about Kenya's Hollywood Party. So Miss Kenya asked all of the ladies to come as iconic Hollywood actors. It was strange to me in the beginning to be told what character I needed to come as, and just like Porsha, I had a feeling that she was throwing shade when she chose the characters."

The oh-so-wise NeNe adds, "I consider myself to be a pretty smart girl, so I said to myself, Grace Jones is fierce and fabulous! If there is any shade being thrown by giving me this character, I’m going to flip this and completely transform into Grace Jones! I researched her and became her that night, which is what a real actress would do."  And a real actress you are, Neenster!  Beat Kenya at her own game!

The reality star concludes, "I've been in lots of situations over the years, and I must say, I've learned from each and every one. So during Kenya's moment of flipping out, I wanted to drop some knowledge on her about her behavior that night, because I know she values my opinion, and the party ended peacefully."  Thank you, NeNe, for that wonderful lesson.

Knowledge officially dropped! 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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