Love & Hip Hop Reunion Recap: Don’t Mess With Mona!


Dear Mona Scott-Young, You will never be Andy Cohen, and VH1 will never be Bravo.  You don't need to draw out your reality show seasons with multiple reunions.  One is sufficient.  Heck, most of the time with Andy's ladies, one is enough.  Sincerely, Lauren.  P.S. Please give Andy some tricks on how to stay in control of the reunion.  Kthanksbubye!

On last night's Love & Hip Hop reunion, Mona introduces the ladies, and it's actually the only time they have all been in the same place at the same time.  Poor Winter didn't make the stage, but she barely made any scenes either, so I'd say she's lucky to be on the front row with Professor Budden, Olivia Longott, Rich Dollaz, and Consequence.  Mona can't wait to play Joe's favorite game of Truth or Truth after reminding us about the serious topics the show tackled like screaming, throwing drinks, being hos, and ripping out weave drug addiction, jail time, race, and religion. 

We're treated to quite the violent montage, and then Mona asks Rashidah Ali why she called Mendeecees Harris a clown.  Mona is clearly sticking up for her protege Yandy Smith, and Rashidah starts going off on how she used to sleep with Mendeecees, and he used to talk about Yandy behind her back.  The always classy Yandy requests that Rashidah keep Mendeecees out of her accusations since he isn't around to defend himself.  Rashidah agrees to stick with facts…Mendeecees has the smallest penis she's ever seen.  Yandy doesn't justify her comments.  Instead, Yandy blames Winter for going back and stirring the pot with Rashidah. 


Mona then goes in on Winter for writing about her former friend Lore'l in her book.  Winter and Lore'l then start yelling at each other about all the different men the other has bedded, and Mona interrupts to remind Winter that she said she'd take Lore'l out of her book.  Mona then reads a passage from Winter's book which talks about Lore'l having sex with a poor rapper…doesn't she know she's supposed to be boning rich dudes?  Something tells me there is no love lost between Mona and Winter.  Lore'l also refuses to totally engage, simply telling Winter that she hopes her book makes a lot of money so there will be a lot to go after once she files a lawsuit against her. 


Raqi Thunda gets teased for being at odds with half of the cast.  The term "Industry Kitty" (to put it nicely) is being thrown around, and Raqi keeps wondering why Rashidah is clocking Raqi's "kitty" miles.  The girls are going at it, and Andy Cohen could take some lessons from Mona as she tells the girls to shut up and puts them in their place.  Raqi assures Mona that she has nothing but respect for the show's producer.  Tahiry Jose then shares why her friendship with Raqi ended.  Tahiry didn't want the negativity that Raqi brought into her life.  Mona touches on Tahiry's relationship with Joe, and Tahiry admits that she's always all or nothing which can be a dangerous personality trait when mixed with a side of Budden.


Rich and Erica Mena's volatile relationship is highlighted.  Olivia and Mama Jewel join the couple on stage with Mona, and Rich is trying to explain what went wrong both personally and professionally.  Mona reminds Rich via clips about how everyone in his life thought that Erica was a bad idea.  Olivia tries to show Erica the error of her ways with Rich, and Erica yells at Olivia that Erica is the reason she's on the stage.  Mama Jewel ignores Erica's tacky language, while Olivia apologizes to her best friend's mom for her foul language.  Mona asks if Olivia and Rich have ever hooked up, and both respond that their relationship is strictly platonic.  We get a quick peek at Erica's polygraph test.

Viewers watch in fast forward as scenes of Joe and Tahiry's crazy back-and-forth is revisited.  Are they still madly in love?  Is Joe still manipulative clean?  Tell us, Mona!!  Joe's mom believes that Joe and Tahiry are meant for one another.  Joe reveals that he and Kaylin are no longer together, and she joins the crew on stage.  She immediately starts crying and saying that she understands Joe and Tahiry's history.  Kaylin explains that she loves Joe so much that she wants him to be happy, even if it's with Tahiry.  Leave it to the twenty-year-old to be the most mature out of all these women.  Tahiry doesn't think she broke up their relationship…after all, Joe pursued her, not the other way around. 


Mona seems to be grasping at straws for one hour of reunion-worthy footage, so I'll be curious to see what happens next week.  Yandy, Rich, Olivia, Erica, and Jewel are taking the stage to talk about the ballad that ended Erica and Rich's personal and professional relationship.  Erica gets teary, but moves quickly into screaming at Liv and getting pulled back by production assistants.  There is apparently no love lost between Rich and Erica now.  I wish Erica would learn to mind her elders and not speak so ugly to to Mama Jewel.  Mona offers Erica the chance to redeem herself by performing the song, and she doesn't feel the need to prove herself.  Liv spouts off a line with no mic or music.  Schooled! 

As the first hour draws to a close, the results of the earlier polygraph tests performed on Joe and Erica are revealed.  Starting with Joe, Kaylin believes that he is still in love with Tahiry.  He says he's not still in love with Tahiry, and the machine says his answer is true.  He also admits to hooking up with Kaylin after he broke up with her.  Tahiry isn't happy.  Moving on to Erica's results, she was truthful when she said she was in love with Rich and had a tattoo in his honor.  She was also truthful when she said she cheated on him with multiple people during their relationship.  Lovely!

Next week, Mona delves into Mendeecees' arrest, Erica confronts Tiffany, and Cons and Joe Budden get into a knock-down-drag-out fight. 


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