Well, well – look who is doing the dog and pony show to try and get on Dancing With The Stars?! None other than Kim Zolciak! Oh, heavens. 

I guess in Kim's case she's doing the Wig and Wine show with some crass sex jokes and cursing thrown in for good measure. I'm sure family-friendly ABC, who canceled Bachelor Pad because it was too trashy for their image, would love having her as an addition to next season's DWTS cast! 

The Don't Be Tardy star tells E! News that she would "definitely entertain the idea" of being on DWTS. Because she's so qualified and has a lot of dance experience. Stripping does not count. "I danced for 18 years of my life, ballet, tap and jazz as a kid," Kim shares.


"I said to Kroy [Biermann]…‘You know with all this going on in mind, with the kids and the show and all these things going on,' I said, 'I wonder if I could even get out there and remember the routine.' Sometimes I feel like ADD gets the best of me…It'd be fun, though," Kim said of appearing on the show. Adding, 'Dancing With the Stars is tiring."

I'm not sure where Kim would find the time to dance and get pregnant with a third baby – something she claims she's planning for. Could she be the show's first ever pregnant contestant?! 

Kim also reveals that she absolutely "loves" Lisa Vanderpump! "I just really like her. I met her before she was even on Housewives at her restaurant and she was just so sweet," Kim gushed over the Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls star. "I just love her. I think she is classy, I love her marriage, I really really like her." 

Kim also believes Lisa loves her back. It's called 'being polite.'  "She came up to me at the upfronts and was like ‘Where did you get that butt? How are you so small with that size butt?!' and I was like ‘Lisaaaa.' I love her," Kim recalls.

Moving on Kim and Kroy have been building their dream house for what seems like eons. Especially funny considering they bought an already constructed foreclosure and are renovating. Anyway, the Dream House 2.0 is almost complete and Brielle posted a video online of the new digs. 

Congratulations on your "re-done" house Biermann fam! 

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