Teen Mom 2 Recap: For Better Or For Worse


Oh girls of Teen Mom 2, what are we going to do with you?  Last night, Leah Messer Sims Calvert walked down the aisle for a second time in her short life, and Jenelle Evans caused a scene at Jace's third birthday party.  Anyone want to chip in for a Mom-of-theYear trophy with me?  Chelsea Houska celebrated her twenty-first birthday, and Kailyn Lowry got engaged to Javi and Jo let out a sigh of relief that she was now someone else's problem.  Good times, right?

The episode starts with Leah cooking breakfast with her dad, and we learn that she hasn't seen him since she was thirteen.  She tells him what a great provider Jeremy is, and he's happy to be back in his daughter's life.  I wish he'd turn his NASCAR ballcap around so I could see who his favorite driver is.  #rubbinisracin'

Chelsea is moving yet again (what is this…like the fourth time this season alone?), and she takes Aubree to her mom's after daycare.  She's planning for her twenty-first birthday, and her mom offers to watch Aubree so she can celebrate.  Aubree's birthday is not long after Chelsea's, and Chelsea's mom asks if A-D-A-M will be attending her party.  Chelsea turns on the whine and says she doesn't want to talk about him under any circumstances.  Her mom praises her maturity. 

Back with Kieffer, Jenelle is stressed out because her roommate is moving out, and she's short on cash from her boyfriend's mooching ways because her Internet job isn't paying as much as she'd hoped.  She heads to her mom's house to discuss Jace's upcoming third birthday.  Wait, my bad…she really just wants to complain to Barbara about her roommate and collect her mail.  She reveals to her mom that she's dropped out of school due to the stress from her legal troubles with Gary and her boob job…both good reasons.  Jenelle can barely keep her eyes open as she tells her mom that Kieffer is moving in with her.  Barbara tells her daughter that she's planned Jace's party for the following day at a local tumbling Jim.  Jenelle is upset that she didn't get more time to invite her friends, but she warns her mom she will be bringing Kieffer.


Kailyn is meeting Javi for dinner, and unbeknownst to her, he's planned a proposal that involves a suit clad Isaac.  It's precious, although we all know Kailyn will likely find several things Javi could have done better.  She arrives at the restaurant and receives a note from the hostess instructing her to meet her boys down by the lake.  Isaac plays with the flowers while a nervous Javi pops the question.  Kailyn seems genuinely excited.


Leah is chatting with Jeremy about their upcoming wedding plans.  They are heading off to Myrtle Beach soon to say their vows yet again.  Leah should have these things memorized by now.  Her mom arrives to help Leah get ready for the trip.  The twins are so flipping precious.  She tries on her dress for her mother and daughters before packing the car to head South.  I love how Leah just balls up her gown and throws it in the back of the car.  Who needs a garment bag?


Primping for her big birthday, Chelsea and a friend head to get manicures.  Both young, single mothers, the girls chat about how anticlimatic twenty-one is when you've already had to grow up so fast as a parent.  There will be no dancing on tables for Chelsea, and her friend opines for those carefree high school glory days. 

Back at Casa de Dysfunctional, Jenelle fills in Kieffer on Jace's birthday plans.  The two remember when Kieffer first met Jace and laugh about what a douchebag his father is for not making any effort.  At the gymnastics studio, Barbara is letting loose in the foam pit.  I totally want to be at this shindig for the trampolines alone.  Jace enjoys cupcakes and presents, but it's only famliy at the party…and some kid who seems to be tagging along for the sweets. 

The Messers and Calverts have invaded the Dirty Myrtle, and I'm pretty sure I stayed in the same condo for Senior Week in high school.  Leah reminds Jeremy of the emotional roller coaster she has put him through, and he just wants to go lay on the beach as she drones on about how much better things are now than when she was with Corey.  I wonder if Jeremy will ever see the day that Leah can talk about her love for him without comparing it to her ex.  Doubtful. 

After asking for her hand in marriage, Kailyn, Javi, and Isaac head to dinner.  She reveals that she used to come to this restaurant with her estranged mom (strike one, Javi!).  Javie attempts to change the subject by comparing her engagement ring to Britney Spears'.  Um, no, Javi.  Kailyn is quick to inform him that Britney's ring was over 3 karats (strike two, Javi!).  A sheepish Javi hopes she's happy with her one-karat diamond and professes his love.  The pair decide to secretly wed at the courthouse ASAP and plan a big wedding for later. 


While Jace tumbles around, Jenelle tells her mom that she wants to pay for Jace to take gymnastics.  Barbara asks if she's able to afford lessons, and Jenelle goes off on the fact that she's flat broke, a month behind on rent, and can't live without her son the Internet or her cell phone.  Her mother is floored by this news and begs Jenelle to let her help with a budget.  Jenelle is angry with herself for blowing all of her MTV cash on the wacky weed, but I think she's even madder that her mother doesn't immediately offer to bail her out yet again. 

On her birthday, Chelsea drops off Aubree at her mom's house.  She plans on having a drink at dinner, but if she gets too drunk, she's going to have Aubree spend the night at her mom's.  Chelsea's dad then sends her flowers.  Chelsea's friends come by to do hair and make-up, and every time Chelsea downs a beer or a shot, everyone jokes about how it's her first drink ever.  Hint, hint, wink, wink.  Something tells me that Chelsea's had a drink or twenty before she was legal.


Leah is getting primped for her big day, while Jeremy gets the requisite "are you nervous, dude" speech from his best man.  Apparently, pre-wedding festivities, Leah and Jeremy indulged in Sumo wrestling.  I can't make up this stuff.  Meanwhile, another couple is getting ready to make things official as Javi and Kailyn obtain their marriage license.  That night, Kailyn and her friend take Isaac to hibachi to share her plans wed at the courthouse so she and Isaac can move with Javi and have health benefits through the Air Force.  Her friend questions her reasons for getting married so quickly, and Kailyn swears she's in love…she's just really nervous about breaking the news to Jo.

Barbara takes Jace to Jenelle's house and hopes to help her daughter get some financial stability.  Kieffer's got a foolproof plan to make the big bucks by selling carved "tobacco" pipes on the Internet.  Barbara compliments Kieffer on his carving skills and his business plan.  Barbara has certainly grown the most out of anyone on this franchise.  Sure, she still rubs Jenelle the wrong way, but her intentions are pure and her delivery is 1000 times better than when this show started.  She hopes Jenelle will enlist her help, or the help of a financial planner, to manage her money so she'll be able to get back custody of Jace.  Jenelle doesn't want to be reminded of her troubles, and she claims she never sees Jace because she doesn't have gas money.  Barbara and her boyfriend both offer to bring Jace to her every weekend, but that's no good for Jenelle either because when is she supposed to hang out with her friends?  Jenelle storms off and pouts when Jace doesn't want to kiss her good-bye. 

Chelsea is excited about her big night out on the town with her friends.  They start the dinner with a rainbow shot from a "sexy ass bartender."  After multiple shots and cocktails, the crew heads to a club where she runs into some of A-D-A-M's friends.  He starts texting her about making out with multiple people in one night and her drunken antics.  As far as she remembers, Chelsea only locked lips with her gay bff.  She can't be bothered with his jealous comments, and I'm really proud of Chelsea's new attitude.


It's time for Leah and Jeremy to wed…outside…in the rain.  The wedding party does a terrible rendition of the viral YouTube wedding video/Halpert wedding episode as they dance their way down the aisle.  Leah's two dad's escort her to Jeremy, and her dad is wearing some banana-ish cowboy hat.  The twins are all over the place during the ceremony, but they are totally adorable, and I have to hand it to Leah for not letting the weather put a damper on the occasion.

Next week, Kailyn breaks the news to Jo about her engagement to Javi, and Chelsea throws Aubree a birthday party.  Ali takes her first steps for Leah, and Jenelle and Barbara enter into yet another world war over Jace


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