Has Taylor Armstrong Been Downgraded To “Friend” Status On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills? Plus, Adrienne Maloof Talks About Life After RHOBH

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The ladies of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seem to be in the tabloids more when they're not filming…although that may be the norm for the entire franchise.  They don't want us to forget about them in the off season, that's for sure!  After Adrienne Maloof's not-so-dramatic exit, rumors are swirling as to who will step into her hoofs shoes.  While Yolonda Foster seamlessly meshed with the original ladies thanks to her lemon fresh attitude and perfect white jeans, there is still room for more drama-loving women who are dripping in diamonds and private jets.

That said, many readers will be happy to learn that one of the originals from Beverly Hills will be downgraded to a "friend" of the housewives.  It's being reported that Taylor Armstrong will be returning to the upcoming season in a diminished capacity.  While many viewers want her gone completely, there is something to be said for baby steps, right?


Starcasm claims that there will be some changes in the fourth season of RHOBHTaylor has been very vocal about her desire to remain on the Bravo hit, and apparently she'll get what she wanted.  Well, she'll kind of get what she wanted at least!

A source close to production shares that Taylor's role will be drastically reduced due to viewers' disinterest in her story line.  Is that a nice way of saying that no one likes to watch her duck lips whine about how unfair her life is?

The upcoming season has already started filming, and another insider reveals, “Yolanda and Taylor began filming for the fourth season of RHOBH last week. It was a bit of a shock to see Taylor in front of the camera again because the crew thought she was a goner for sure.  The viewers just don’t like her. But, it has been so hard to find replacements for Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer, that producers had no choice but to bring her back.”

And speaking of Adrienne, she's talking to E! about her life after RHOBH, and it couldn't be better.  Sure.  She tells the site, "I am in a great place and so excited about the future.  I am working on some huge projects for television and also concentrating on producing a film, so it's a very dynamic time right now."

Claiming that she's happy to be moving on with her life, Adrienne opines, "I am grateful for the platform Housewives gave me.  It was a fantastic experience, but now it's time for something new."

Adrienne adds that she has many things in the works, including big screen and television projects and a jewelry line at Bloomingdale's.  Seriously, Bloomingdale's?  Are times so tough?  I've seen her pocketbooks, so I can only imagine what her jewelry pieces will look like!  The former reality star gushes, "I can't wait for everybody to see it."

A source close to Adrienne says that she is no longer in contact with any of her former cast mates, explaining, "Adrienne is in a different place now, mixing with a different crowd. [She] has her sights set on bigger and better things than Housewives."

The same insider reveals that Adrienne has rekindled her romance with much younger beau Sean Stewart, telling the site, "Sean and Adrienne support each other and have fun and both understand the world of entertainment."  D-List entertainment maybe…

Not one to stay out of the loop when RHOBH is being discussed, Kyle "Splits" Richards is giving her two cents on the casting changes.  Of course she is.  Chatting with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, Kyle explains that she doesn't like hearing gossip of new cast members.  She tells Ryan, "I’m a creature of habit. I don’t really like change, but I’ll get used to it. There’s sort of this unspoken sisterhood with the girls who have been on since Season 1. We have this inexplicable bond that I think we will always have.”  Does that inexplicable bond include talking smack behind your closest friends' backs?  Because Kyle is great at that…


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