Heather Dubrow Accuses Real Housewives of Orange County Fans Of Cyber Bullying!

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 8

Well, well for a woman who takes serious issue with Alexis Bellino tossing around the word "bully", Heather Dubrow sure doesn't like it when the tables have turned!

Facing harsh criticisms for some of her behavior – and for being accused of bullying on Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather calls out cyber bullies in her Bravo blog

"RHOC is a television show meant to entertain," Heather reminds fans. "An interesting part of the show is the interaction between the cast and viewers via social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become an intrinsic part of the show and so have viewers comments." 


"I am not a close-minded person, nor do I think I am always right. I freely apologize when wrong and make amends," Heather insists. What I find so ironic is that the haters that find their way to the cast members social media are nothing more than cyber bullies. And yes, that is bullying. . . and cowardly."

To hide behind a computer and an anonymous persona to spew hate at another person is despicable. I don't care who is your least favorite out of the bunch. Tamra, Lydia, AlexisGretchen, Vicki and myself are all human beings with real lives and real families. You are all absolutely entitled to your opinions, and we are all happy to hear them — good or bad. Please be passionate, engage with us, give us your take on what happened — it's part of our job." 

"However, when I look at some of the comments on everyone's blogs and there is such venom about our looks, families, and sometimes our religious beliefs I am in shock," Heather says. "That will receive the ultimate karma hit."

Karma, eh… Did she mind Tamra Barney screaming out "Jesus Jugs" and questioning Alexis' devotion to her religion? And where is the woman who complained repeatedly about the so-called unfair usage of the word "bullying"? 

Here's the thing – I totally agree with Heather's comments (however it is a bit hypocritical considering she was just laughing at a certain blonde Jesus lover for needing therapy over "rich girl problems"). I am often shocked by the vitriol of some fans; these are television shows. Even if they fall under the umbrella of reality TV we all know the final product is highly edited to portray a certain storyline. That being said, all these women, as they reminded Alexis repeatedly, chose to be on this show and are grown women who made a choice to show us a portion of their lives. 


Perhaps the interesting takeaway lesson here is that being mean, insulting, and unnecessarily cruel hurts – regardless of whether it's a so-called "intervention" about how "fake" a person is or some nutjob on twitter calling you names. I hope this teaches all the ladies of RHOC a lesson that bullying – or however you want to label the behavior – affects everyone and how they feel about themselves in the broader scheme of things. And hopefully they can all demonstrate a bit more empathy going forward. 

And that's all for Reality Tea's PSA about reality television behavior! 

[Photo Credit: Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo]