Kroy Biermann Accused Of Cheating On Ex-Girlfriend With Kim Zolciak! Ex Releases Text Messages From Kroy!

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Uh oh… you know what they say about losing a man how you got 'em? And you know what they say about a mistress never changing her spots? Well, it seems Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have found themselves in the midst of a lil cheating allegation. Once a wig-wearing mistress… always a wig-wearing mistress?

Kroy's ex-girlfriend, the one he had when he allegedly met Kim, is coming out of the woodwork to accuse the Don't Be Tardy star of cheating on her with Kim – and she's providing text messages that "prove" they were together. Let's investigate, shall we?

Elizabeth Seward alleges that when Kroy met Kim at Dancing With The Stars (and Sheree) Atlanta she was his long-distance girlfriend. The former Indiana Pacers cheerleader (who does not wear a wig) says they met at a party in Indianapolis in January 2010. “It was this whirlwind, love-at-first-sight thing,” Elizabeth tells In Touch. 


That July she moved to Las Vegas but continued her relationship with Kroy – or so she thought! Kroy reportedly flew her to Indianapolis where he was training and made many a promises about making their long-distance romance work! "He told me everything you’d want to hear,” Elizabeth cites. “‘You’re my girlfriend. We’re going to make this work.’” He also met many of her friends and family members who believed he was sincere!

Imagine her surprise when he learned Kroy was also dating ol Wigs N Cigs! Days after Elizabeth returned from visiting Kroy she spotted photos of him at Cynthia Bailey's wedding which he attended WITH Kim! Elizabeth says Kroy initially told her "she's just a friend!" but then when she plied him for information he admitted they were having sex and making babies Oops! seeing each other. 

"Obviously our relationships overlapped," Elizabeth says of Kroy's taking up with Wigs. I “felt completely betrayed,”  Elizabeth adds of the "painful experience" she had with Kroy. “I want Kim to know about it; the manipulation and the lies.”

Elizabeth claims she felt like "the other woman" and is releasing text messages "proving" Kroy's guilt. You can check them out over at In Touch. 

"I'm so embarrassed," Elizabeth tells Kroy in one message. "“How could you have not told me? I left a week ago. I trusted you.”

Kroy's response: “I don’t know what you want me to say. I f*cked up. I’m sorry." Elizabeth demands a "better answer" and then upon realizing the other woman was a wig-wearing publicly flaunting mistress with a penchant for taking naked photos of herself, Elizabeth wonders: "You honestly want to date this lady?? You have feelings for her?" HA!

Elizabeth also expressed concern about STDs since it would appear Kroy was dipping his stick in two people at once. "This is disgusting," she laments in one text asking Kroy repeatedly if he's "been tested" since he slept with her. "I'm clean!!!" Kroy insists. 

“You kissed me goodbye a week ago and told me you loved me,” Elizabeth told him in another text. “I just wanted for him to be honest with me,” she explains to In Touch of her feelings. 

Upon learning that Elizabeth is speaking out, Kim is apparently furious! "It wasn’t betrayal. It was just the normal thing that happens when someone is dating and finally falls for someone," the source for Kim says in defense of Kroy. "The other people get left behind, and sometimes they get hurt.”

Kim "is livid that this woman is coming around after all these years,” the source adds. “Kroy was never serious about Elizabeth —he was young and single and playing the field.” Which Kim is "fine" with.

I mean I guess they have two babies and a reality show to tie them together now! A photo of Elizabeth and Kroy is below. 

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[Photo Credit: In Touch]


Kim and Kroy at Cynthia's Wedding (where they brought their own wine!) Credit: BravoTV