Well, well… it seems someone hit a nerve. Could it be Reality Tea? Guess so! 

Melissa Gorga has been taking some heat about the lavish communion party she and Poison threw for their daughter Antonia. There were rumors that the party was filmed by Bravo cameras for Real Housewives of New Jersey which led to Melissa getting a large amount of the party donated. The photos were sold to SPLASH. 

Immediately after we published this exclusive, Melissa took to twitter to explain that Antonia had a lovely day, her in-laws had a great time and they were very happy with the party. 


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Alright then. 

Teresa Giudice took to her personal blog to share the story of Gabriella's communion and said that although she too wanted a huge over-the-top party, Gabriella did not. 

"We wish we were able to go to Antonia's just like my brother and Melissa wished they could come to Gabriella's, but what can you do? My poor parents of course hussled to make it to both. I'm so glad they could. Grandparents are so important!"

"You know I love to go all out for parties, especially once-in-a-lifetime events like Audriana's christening, but Gabriella was the focus of our day and she's not about over-the-top stuff. She wanted something really simple with just close family and friends."

"After the church ceremony, we went to a restaurant that was decorated with blue, green and white. I had face painters and balloon artists and tons of kids activities and Gabriella was able to be herself and run around. I even let her get her face painted while she was in her beautiful dress! But that's how she is and I want her to be true to herself."

"After the party when we were walking in the parking lot, she said to me, "Mama, thank you for my party. It was the best day ever!" She's so sweet and considerate, I almost cried. I love all my girls, and I love Gabriella."

Sounds lovely! 

Simple Disclaimer: we (I) see nothing wrong with how either Melissa or Teresa celebrated their daughter's communion. At both celebrations the families seem happy and things were lovely. Both girls are adorable and they deserve to be recognized for being special. We got a scoop about vendors donating goods/services to the party from a source who is generally reliable and we wrote it up. 

Furthermore, Teresa mentioned that the families do not attend the same congregation, but has since removed this from her blog. Interesting! 

Just for the record, Reality Tea doesn't have an agenda towards either Teresa or Melissa. I especially do not, as I have noted numerous times I think both Teresa and Melissa have positives and negatives that they bring to the show. 

So stick all this in your pipe and smoke it. And hey, at least we know Melissa reads our site. Hey Melissa – Call me maybe?

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