Heather Dubrow Is Disappointed In Gretchen Rossi’s Behavior During Her Hot In Cleveland Filming!


This week on Real Housewives of Orange County someone forgot to mind their manners in front of Miss Perfect! During Heather Dubrow's Hot In Cleveland filming, which was attended by most of her castmates, Gretchen Rossi seemed to be confused about who was the one up on stage getting attention!

She and her Slavéence were super late, missing most of Heather's scenes as it were, and then spent the entire remainder of the evening hopping up and down to attend to their phones. Even worse at the celebratory dinner Gretchen made it all about her birthday "lease" from Slave. 

Taking to her Bravo Blog, Heather laments Gretchen's behavior and explains why she didn't confront her on the spot. "Show night! I was really looking forward to having some of my special friends come and support me on this night!" Heather begins. 


"As you could see, Gretchen and Slade were very late. I didn't notice until about an hour after the show started. I was pretty sad to hear they were completely unapologetic and there was no excuse why they were late either to Terry when they arrived or to myself later," Heather gripes.

"All the girls (as well as Terry) told me later that Gretchen and Slade were up from their seats several times during the evening and missed a number of my scenes." Oopsie! Gotta love a tattle-tale! 

"I just found it so disappointing especially when I found out later that the calls were about a gift Gretchen was helping me with for Tamra," Heather continues. "There was no emergency about it that needed to be taken care of at 7 pm on a Friday night." 

"I have always been a supporter of Gretchen and Slade's and their many career paths," Heather shades! "Last year, I left my children for three days to see Gretchen perform in Las Vegas. I was happy to be there and I can promise you my phone was shut in my purse. I deserved the same support and friendship."

As for why she didn't take Miss Gretchy-Wretchy to task, Heather decided to keep an otherwise happy night, happy! "I decided this was not the time to discuss this issue with Gretchen. I was on a high after the taping of the show ended and didn't want to spend my evening being annoyed."

She does not comment on Gretchen's leased Rolls reveal at dinner. Maybe because Heather, like the rest of America, finds the situation entirely laughable! 

Speaking of which, Gretchen continues to defend Slave leasing a Rolls for her, which she allegedly had a deal to endorse, as a "sweet gesture". This girl needs to see a shrink for her self-esteem issues which allows her to have such low standards! 

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