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Last night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was especially hilarious.  While we weren't treated to nearly enough of Joseline Hernandez' one-liners, we did get to witness the most backwards and ridiculous job interview I've ever seen.  K. Michelle proved yet again that she's not at all homophobic (cough, cough), and we got to meet Lil' Scrappy's amazingly normal dad.  I wasn't expecting that at all!

Mimi Faust is meeting up with Stevie J. to talk about their daughter, but of course, he wants to know all about the Stevie knock-off she's dating.  Why does Mimi act so suprised that he isn't able to have an adult conversation?  Stevie gets offended that Mimi doesn't like their young daughter around the inappropriate Joseline, but it's nothing he can't get past with some smooth talk and a shot of liquor.  What do these women see in him?  He reminds her that beside their daughter, they also share a matching tattoo that will bind them together forever.  Is he for real?

It turns out that Traci is friends with Shay, so the pair are lunching and chatting about the Lil' Scrappy and Erica Dixon situation.  Shay wanted to pay back Scrappy for his behavior, but she's tempted to just be happy that he's happy.  Traci agrees that the latter is the better route.  She's spent so much time plotting and slashing tires and beating up girls in the course of her time with Drew, and she tells Shay it's better just to let time heal all wounds.  Shay is not quite convinced, and I am officially scared of Traci.


Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are discussing their relationship, and both agree that things are going south.  They each accuse the other of not being a team player, and Rasheeda thinks her store would be a great money maker.  She is frustrated that Kirk seems to run from their problems.  Rasheeda takes the opportunity to break the news that she's pregnant, and he's upset about the timing.  He calls the pregnancy "her fault" which isn't what his wife wants to hear.  Kirk knew she'd stopped taking birth control, and he clearly has a seventh grader's perception of how a pregnancy occurs.

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Momma Dee has invited Shay over to celebrate the end of Scrappy's engagement.  Scrappy stops in and is surprised that his mother has "engraved" a cake for the special occasion.  He can't believe that his mother is taking so much pleasure in a situation that is causing him pain.  He's decided he's going to take a break from everything except for being a father.  He can't deal with his mother's incessant drama any more.  Shay helps herself to a piece of cake as Dee and Scrappy bicker.

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Drew has brought in quite the assortment of applicants for his sneaker boutique, and Traci wants to keep things professional by helping him conduct the interviews.  Drew is asking about back tats and modeling experience as Traci sits and seethes.  She calls one of the girls a video ho, and the interviewees starts trading insults with their their potential future boss.  Could this be more scripted?  Traci removes her shoes, which, as we all know, means she's ready to fight.  Didn't she just tell Shay that losing one's cool wasn't worth it?  The retreating applicants continue to goad her as Drew holds her back.  Traci feels terribly disrespected by his parade of hos, so she refuses to give him the money for the store.  You've got to love how persistent he is though.

After hearing that Che Mack's house has been broken into, Stevie goes by to see her.  She apologizes for her behavior at the club, and gets teary thinking about her career.  The ever sensitive Stevie brings in a television to replace the one that was stolen.  In other words, Che Mack is now indebted to this weasel…or at least he'll make her think that!  Meanwhile, Mimi is at a local tattoo parlor with her Ariane and her new beau.  She's hellbent on having her Stevie ink transformed into something totally different.  Mimi is tired of being tied to Stevie, and she's ready to make a fresh start.

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Due to the craziness with his mother, Scrappy wants to meet his father Daryl Sr. to tell him about the broken engagement.  He knows that his dad is going to be disappointed because he's a preacher.  Seeint Daryl, I am so confused as to how he ever got messed up with Dee.  Daryl is appalled that his son was texting other women when he's supposed to be faithful to Erica, and he thinks that Dee is too much into her son's relationship business.

Stevie is having cocktails and hookah with Joseline, and she isn't happy about the rumors she's been hearing about rumors that he's working with Che Mack.  Joseline doesn't want her man messing with some metal mouthed a$$.  Stevie tries to divert the conversation to their relationship, and Joseline questions when he's going to be a man and do right by her.  Um, never would be my guess!

Traci is very happy that her sister is in town because she's a wonderful sounding board.  She tells her sister about the sneaker boutique debacle, and her sister wants to know why Traci is even considering going into business with Drew.  Traci tries to explain that Drew is a great businessman, and she knows it will be a great money maker.  Regardless of the potential success, her sister thinks going into business with ex is a horrible idea.

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Ariane and K. Michelle are joining Mimi on the set of her boyfriend Nikko's new video.  After hearing the track, K. Michelle is shocked to learn that a rapper Johnny is performing on the album.  Why is he rapping about women when he's clearly gay?  Mimi defends Johnny, but Ariane and K. Michelle are convinced that he's on the downlow.  Unfortunately for K. Michelle, Johnny and Nikko were listening outside the door, and he's none to happy about her accusations.  As K. Michelle and Ariane exit the building, Nikko is threatening to end K. Michelle's career why she spouts off about how he must be gay too.  Why all the hate?  While K. Michelle waits in the parking lot, Ariane comes back inside to to confront the guys for attacking her friend.  After her scene is over, Mimi storms back inside and starts screaming at Ariane.  Ariane wants Mimi to take out her anger on the proper people, but Mimi is in her face.  A silent K. Michelle swoops in and drags Ariane outside while Mimi continues with her barrage of swearing and bravado.  Classy!

Next week, Kirk wants Rasheeda to consider terminating the pregnancy, and Traci once again blows up at Drew over the sneaker boutique.  Mimi and Ariane hash out their differences, and we're treated to two different girl fights!


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