8 Reality Stars Who Should Join The American Idol Judging Panel!


American Idol is suffering from low-ratings, not sure if you've heard. Apparently the heyday of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul bickering can never be recaptured! With Randy Jackson officially announcing his retirement from the show it's time to get some new blood to hold the Coca-Cola gauntlets! 

Below are our picks for the best reality stars to step up to the plate!



Jeff Lewis: The side-eye alone is enough to make anyone question their choices, not to mention that no one on reality TV throws shade better then Senior Lewis! And we would kill to see some of the practical jokes Jeff, Zoila, and Jenni would play on the poor unsuspecting contestants. As a bonus Jenni could do a rap performance duet with one of them too!

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Ramona Singer[Photo Credit: WENN]

Ramona Singer: Ramona's crazy eyes and pinot-fabulous reactions would be priceless! Could you imagine if AI got a permanent crazy eye cam to capture Pinot's expressions during the performances. And of course Ramona could also teach some Turtle Time dance lessons! 


Krayonce: Kenya Moore is Gone With The Wind Fabulous and she also thinks anything you can do, she can do better. She's poise, sophistication, and fan-flapping crazy – which means perfect to put little upstarts in their place. Don't come for her unless she sends for you… Of course, Gone With The Wind Fabulous can be one of the songs performed in the show!

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Abby Lee Miller at the Teen Choice Awards 2012

Abby Lee Miller: She makes Simon seem like a meek little kitten. Enough said. Plus, AI pyramid time? Yes, please!

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44th NAACP Image Awards - Arrivals

Tami Roman: Don't mess with Tami – she will toss you out like yesterday's news. She is blunt, she doesn't care, and she's also a music industry veteran from the Real World days. Just remember not to leave your purse unsupervised.

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Teresa Giudice: When Teresa doesn't like something, the whole world knows! She would never bother holding back a harsh critique or flipping out. And I'm sure she could counsel the contestants on some wicked stage wear. Maybe they could even have joint Posche Fashion Show/sing-off! Of course, if she really doesn't like something she may just flip the judges table… 

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Exxxotica Expo 2013 held at Fort Lauderdale Convention Center

Farrah Abraham: Delusional – check. Totally crazy – check. Be under the insane delusion that she can sing – check. Farrah is always telling everyone she knows best even though we know she knows completely wrong. Still how funny is it to hear her spout off? And when Jeff screams at her we'll get to see a reprisal of the infamous "Ugly Cry Face". 

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Mike Sorrentinto The Situation

The Situation: Just because the behind-the-scenes cam would feature him trying to convince all the female contestants to go into the smoosh room… errrr… I mean his dressing room! Plus didn't he have a single at one point?

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