This weekend Vicki Gunvalson found herself in the midst of a legal (and PR) mess! It was discovered that her business partner with Vicki's Vodka is suing both Vicki and Love Tank Filler Brooks Ayers for fraud among other things. 

Like twoseconds after the scandal broke, the Real Housewives of Orange County star's twitter and facebook conveniently disappeared. Well now Vicki is insisting her social media was hacked. A likely story… #WeDontBelieveYou

vickiUh huh!


Vicki is having quite the week. Lauri Peterson outed her as a serial cheater with a pretty salacious past on last week's episode and then wrote a blog further outing secrets of Vicki's alleged dirty deeds! Vicki denies it all! 

"Of all things to call Gretchen [Rossi] out on, infidelity probably shouldn't have been the one Vicki chose, especially knowing what Vicki had told me over the years during her marriage to Don and what I had personally witnessed on more than one occasion," Lauri reveals. "My point to Gretchen while talking about Vicki, wasn't exactly about infidelity, it was the hypocrisy of it all that got to me!" In turn Vicki has revealed that Lauri cheated on hubby George and the two almost split!

"Over the years with Vicki, back when we were what I considered to be 'good friends,' she confided in me a lot in regards to her personal life. She spoke candidly and opening about other men," Lauri continues. "I knew I wasn't the only person that she shared this information with and she never asked me to keep anything a secret."

Lauri repeats that her friendship with Vicki fell apart when Vicki passed around alleged negative information about George

"My friendship with Vicki ended seven months after I met George. Vicki, Duff and I were working in the office one day, when a woman called asking for Vicki. I transferred the call to Vicki. She motioned to Duff and I to leave the office to allow her privacy. Her call lasted over 30 minutes. When Duff and I were allowed back in the office, Vicki continued to work on insurance, as if nothing happened. She was fine and did not mention the call to me. The phone call that Vicki took, I will later discover to have been George's ex-wife' mother."

"The following day, I received a call from Jeanna Keough telling me that Vicki had received an email from George's ex-wife's mother summarizing their conversation. She had instructed Vicki to give me the email. Vicki, however, decided to forward that email to everyone except me! Jeanna forwarded the email to me. It contained nothing but bulls— slanderous lies and served no purpose other than to harass George and I on behalf of George's ex-wife. Keep in mind, Vicki was very aware of all of the problems George and I had been experiencing with his ex." 

Ugh – this whole thing with Lauri is pathetic. I have no patience for her. Just admit you're desperate to get back on the show and reaching for a storyline. 

Anyway, tonight is an brand new episode of RHOC. The ladies are still in Mexico for Tamra's over-the-hill bachelorette party and tonight out come the strippers. Kill me. 

In addition Gretchen throws a big, whiny tantrum about being ditched last week and Lydia shows that she's not little miss sweet as pie when she gets snappy. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode. If I have to see any RiDICKulous like action from the Mexico strippers I may have to check into a mental hospital. 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]