Vicki Gunvalson Responds To Fraud Lawsuit; Calls It “Frivolous”!

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This weekend Vicki Gunvalson got slammed with a lawsuit related to her Vicki's Vodka line. Vicki was accused by her business partner, Robert Williamson III of "gifting" 16.67 % of her share to Brooks Ayers, who then proceeded to sell it back to Robert claiming he was broke. 

Robert's suit attests that Vicki and Brooks then conspired together in an attempt to have the business returned to a 50-50 partnership between Robert and Vicki despite him buying Brooks' percentage from him. Conveniently the Real Housewives of Orange County star's social media was also "hacked" that very same day. 

Well now that her Facebook is up and running, Vicki is confronting the lawsuit and insisting it is baseless. "My attorney will be filing a response to the frivolous suit within the next day or so," Vicki announced

"This response will reveal my side of the story and the lack of truth that was told. There will be more details to follow shortly. Thank you for your support. The truth always prevails." We anxiously await. 


RadarOnline reveals that Vicki did send a Cease & Desist letter to Robert four weeks before he filed suit and in the letter her attorney cited "management issues" between the two over the direction the company was taking. 

"Vicki is becoming more and more concerned about actions that Robert may be taking in connection with the company without her knowledge and/or approval,” Vicki's attorney Richard P. Brull wrote in the letter dated May 10, 2013. 

In the letter Vicki demands that her likeness and image be removed from promotional materials. “It has come to our attention that boxes for shipping Vicki’s Vodka are being prepared that include Vicki’s likeness,” the letter continues. “Please be advised that Vicki’s Vodka, LLC has no right to use Vicki’s full name, her likeness or voice in connection with any goods or services without Vicki’s prior written approval."

“To date, other than the promotional appearances that Vicki has made on behalf of Vicki’s Vodka, the only use that has been approved is the use of Vicki’s name in connection with the quote on the back of the Vicki’s Vodka bottle. Please have forwarded to me any use of Vicki’s name, likeness or voice that Vicki’s Vodka desires to use and I will let you know whether the use in question is approved.”

The letter states that it is "imperative" that Robert and Vicki "get the operating agreement wrapped up" to "avoid" management issues before any further promotion goes forward. 

Robert's suit cited fraud and a "total lack of cooperation" on Vicki's part to help promote and grow the business. 

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