WWHL: Lydia McLaughlin Says She Doesn’t Think She Overreacted To Slade’s Cheeseburger Comment

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - June 17, 2013

Real Housewives of Orange County star Lydia McLaughlin was a guest on Watch What Happens Live tonight, along with the always hilarious Kristen Johnston, who was promoting season 3 of her comedy "The Exes".  Also in the clubhouse was Lydia's mom Judy, acting as bartender.

Andy opened by showing some adorable old video clips of Lydia as a young girl, doing news reporting and even a PSA she did for child abuse awareness.  She has seriously always been this sweet and cute. 

The first caller asked Lydia why she's such a Debbie Downer about her mom's marijuana use. "I don't think I'm a Debbie Downer and I think I have the right to my opinion.  She's my mom and I love her."


The next gives Lydia a tough question.  If she HAD to choose either watching strippers or smoking pot with her mom, which would she choose?  "If I'm gonna do one or the other, I'm gonna bake with my mom."

And on to the dish about tonight's episode.  On whether she thinks she overreacted to Slade's cheeseburger comment, Lydia shares, "I tweeted that out to all of my followers to see what they thought and I feel that most people agree with me.  I don't think I overreacted but I'm a direct person and it hurt my feelings and I don't think feelings are ever wrong. I think it would've been bad if I went and gossiped about it but I was direct."

Did she go to Tamra Barney's wedding this weekend and how was it? "Yes, I did go to Tamra's wedding and it was beautiful and it was an amazing day.  She wore three dresses.  It was awesome.  It was like a ceremony dress and you'll get to see it all, there were cameras there."

Her first impressions of everybody: "when you first watch on TV, it's like "wow, entertainment" and then you turn it off.  But when you live it, you're like 'oh my gosh these guys are crazy'. I came home and was like 'I don't know if this is for me'. It's a lot to take in" 

Was anyone different than how she expected them to be? "I honestly wasn't a huge fan of the show, so i didn't have a lot of preconceived notions.  Vicki and I are the most far apart in age in the group, but I really get along with her. I think she reminds me a little bit of my mom."

A caller wants to know why Lydia would ditch the ladies in Mexico if she's so wholesome?  "I'm a human being and I'm not perfect. It wasn't a preplanned thing where Vicki and I got together were like 'ok we're gonna leave the girls and make them feel left out.'  The dinner was over, they said they wanted to go home. Vicki said 'you wanna come get a drink?' We went and got a drink."

Andy then brings up that Orange County is one of the most religious areas in the country and he felt it was important to have people of faith on the show.  He then says that everyone on the show is fairly religious.  Lydia shares, "all of the girls do go to church and everything like that.  I think it's just hard to be like if I all of the sudden say 'oh i go to church', now anything I do it's like 'oh you're judgmental, you're a bad Christian.'"

And on that note… the poll of the night was "Which cast member's douche bag jar would you drop a quarter in?" Gretchen Rossi won with 33% of the votes. 


Here are pics of Lydia stopping by the Sirius XM studios this afternoon in NYC.


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