RHONJ’s Jennifer Dalton Slams Kim D; Launching Perfume And Soap Line; Talks Housewives Hiring


Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Jennifer Dalton is sharing how she landed a spot on the show, what she really thinks about Kim DePaola (the feeling is mutual) and announces her new soap and perfume line! 

Jennifer shares RHONJ sought her out after people in her neighborhood suggested her for the show.  She met with them a few times but then found out she was pregnant. Jennifer says things weren't good in her marriage at the time, so she told the NJ people she was no longer interested. Shortly after that they reached out and offered her an episode of Pregnant in Heels.

On the Melissa Gorga house showing disaster on the second episode:  "I actually brought two clients and my assistant who showed the other client the house while I took Misa around". Jennifer laughs and says she can't believe Melissa even let them film in that room.  "If you knew the sink was broken and you knew the water wasn't working and knew there was no shower curtain or glass for the shower, why in the hell would you even allow it?"


When the interviewer mentions to Jennifer a blog post that Kim D. shared on Facebook about her, Jennifer says "yeah cuz she's a retard."  She tries to explain the bad blood between her and Kim. "I won't get into it and give it away, but you know what, you're (Kim) supposed to be Teresa's friend, but everything you do puts Teresa in a bad situation. You're the shit starter out of the whole group.  Half this stuff wouldn't have even started if it wasn't for you.  I think she just wants air time so she does this on purpose so she can be on TV, otherwise she'd be irrelevant."  Jennifer then shares that she's not one to start fights, but she is one to finish them.  "Problem is no one wants to start one with me."

On playing both sides of the Melissa/Teresa fence – is she team Teresa or team Melissa? "I'm team Jennifer.  I don't want to get in trouble because we're not supposed to talk about it, but I get along with Melissa for the most part, but Teresa is my dear friend, so at the end of the day..I've known Teresa for longer than I was even thinking about being a Housewife.  I just want you to know I did not ask to be on Housewives.  After Pregnant In Heels, they wanted me. They contacted me. They knew I was good friends with Teresa and thought it would be good". 

She explains that she didn't know who was telling the truth at Gia's party so she stayed quiet.  Jennifer is not the kind of person who wants to look crazy by butting in when she doesn't know the full story.  Like Kim D.  "Kim D will fight with anyone. She looks like a drag queen. She could be my grandmother. She looks crazy. And she's okay with looking crazy but I'm not.  I only speak what I know and I didn't know anything about the situation."

Jennifer also shares that she's still not with her husband and has been living with Lil Kim since November.

Jennifer says she has a few projects in the works. Like another reality show – based around real estate.  They started working on it but it's at a stand still right now. "I do real estate full time.  I do high end luxury real estate in the Alpine and Saddle River areas. I also have a soap line and perfume coming out.  It's all organic, all natural. It's wonderful, Kim uses it. Everyone loves it." 

If you want to listen to the full audio of the interview, I've shared it below! 



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Photo Credit: Twitter