Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Kim DePaola Ready To Date Again; Says She Was Never A Stripper

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Kim DePaola returned to Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, continuing her role as resident drama starter.  The scheming sidekick chats with Tom Murro about everything from getting back in the dating game to addressing those stripper rumors and more!

Kim D. broke up with her boyfriend back in September and then he passed away in November.  She's been off the market for a long time and admits that she may be ready to dip her toes back in the dating pool again.

While Kim may be ready to date, she's not ready to give online dating a try just yet.  She says "Nooo way! Never!" to, even thought it's been a while since she had "some".  "It's been a real long time, I'm an emotional girl, I'm not a dog in heat, I need to care about the guy before that happens''


Kim D is no cougar like Sonja Morgan – her type? ''Dark hair, athletic, mostly Italians HA!, 44-60, will go as low as 42 if he's INCREDIBLE.'' But be warned – she won't go on solo dates!  ''Guys ask me out and I tell them I don't go on dates alone, I would at least bring my assistant along.''

Even though Kim D is done having babies, she's okay if her prospective beaus have them.  ''I have a 24 year old son, so if a guy has kids that's OK."  When Tom tries to get Kim to fess up her age (shame on Tom!), she shares ''I'm younger than Madonna''. 

Kim also dishes that she's a big fan of healthy living – not plastic surgery.  "I eat right and work out. No nip and tucks.''

She addresses those pesky stripper rumors, saying she's as boring as they come. ''NOOO!! I don't even watch porn, I'm very normal.'' 

Kim says if she had an opening line on RHONJ, it'd be: "I play with the big boys, and the bigger they are the harder they fall.''

We need a Real Housewives version of Bachelorette!  How fun would that be?  We could set up Kim D, Brandi Glanville, Marysol Patton, ..who else?  And as a bonus, we the viewers would get to vote on the ideal man for each one!  We'd do a better job than they would anyway.  Right?


Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty