Oh goody – more drama concerning Real Housewives of New Jersey. I so did not have enough of that in my life already! 

So, Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice allegedly make amends this season and start patching their family back together. But for now things are still a hot mess of allegations, crazy, and back-and-forth nonsense. 

Next week Joe Gorga will apparently start to recognize that his wife is also instigating the family feud as he catches wind of an explosive tweet she sends. Our source shares with us EXCLUSIVELY that Joe is caught in the middle and has no idea who to believe in all the arguing. 


"What you will see next week is Joe's shock over a comment Melissa tweeted. Melissa plays innocent. She tweets nasty things about Teresa and then plays 'Teresa attacks me'. Her husband doesn't know the half of what she does," our source reveals.

"Joe defends his wife big time, was it always like that: NO!" With their marriage bible about to hit the shelves, the two have decided to put on a united front. "The book is coming out… Maybe they will even win an Oscar for this acting." 

Apparently Joe's parents' dislike of Melissa has always been a problem – even before RHONJ. 

"It kills Joe that his parents love Joe Giudice and not his wife. Joe Giudice may be a lot of things, but he is a wonderful son-in-law," the source explains. "He treats Teresa's parents like his own. He drops everything for them. That's what is comes down to in this old school Italian family. Melissa doesn't do that."

"Joe Gorga blames Teresa for everything. It is not Teresa's fault that his parents don't like the girl he married. That frustrates Joe more than anything. He wants his family to love and embrace Melissa the way they love Joe Guidice." 

"Teresa is very close to her in laws. She treats them with respect and has a very tight relationship with them," according to our source. "Her parents and Joe Giudice's parents are very close as well. Yet another thing, Joe Gorga is jealous of."

"Joe Gorga is frustrated….he doesn't understand why he can't have peace!"

And in another controversial storyline this season: Teresa's parenting! She is reportedly upset that she is being shown as a "bad mom" on the show. "Regarding Teresa as a mother, she may not always do the right thing but, she loves those girls and is always with them."

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