The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 8

How much fun was it to walk down memory lane with the ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County?  Lest we forget (as if she'd ever let us!) Vicki Gunvalson has been there since day one.  I mean, hey, her kids are part of the reason that it even exists!  

In her Bravo blog, Vicki attempts to come across as light-hearted, normal, and down-to-earth.  She'd never spread gossip, and she's sad by broken friendships.  Has she been watching the same ninety-nine episodes to which we've been treated?  Vicki takes particular offense to former friend Lauri Peterson's return to stir the pot…something she's never done herself, right?  

Ahh, the memories.  Let's hear Vicki's take on it, shall we? 


Vicki remembers the good ol' days, writing, "Watching this has brought back some great memories of what my life was like in my early 40s. I started filming when I was 42, and just recently celebrated my 51st birthday. It's hard to sometimes comprehend that this little 'trailer' we did in my backyard one afternoon turned into a reality show and air for 100 episodes! It's truly surreal. Where has the time gone?"  

While she spent a good bit of her blog entry waxing poetic about how much she misses all her former cast members that she rarely talks to anymore, she also discusses tornado Lauri and her menage a trois rumors.  You'll love how she backhandedly releases some vague gems of her own.  

The OC OG blogs, "When I read in her blog that she felt I was being hypocritical of Gretchen [Rossi] when Tamra [Barney Judge] and I accused her of cheating on Jeff was shocking. What I want you to know is the difference here is Tamra DID speak to Gretchen's 'lover' on the phone, she saw them in public together as a couple while engaged to Jeff while never once had Lauri seen, heard, or even met anyone that she has accused me of being with. There is a big difference there."

See what she did there?  Vicki once again reminded Gretchen that not only should she hate Tamra, but also that Vicki has always been Tamra's biffle…all while undermining Lauri.  

She continues, "Anyone can say anything, but if you don't see it with your own eyes, there is no merit or truth. This is why I never shared to her the information I received about George, but I didn't want to give it life or for it to hurt her," adding, "To make my stance on this: I do not condone infidelity, I DO condone and support monogamy in a relationship unless there is a mutual understanding otherwise. That's all I'm going to say on this. The fact is it's wasted energy for Lauri to do what she did because she didn't have anything else to come back to our group with other than garbage talk about me. It's very damaging and hurtful."

Again, I love reading between the lines.  A "mutual understanding otherwise?"  Is that what she had in her marriage to Donn?

Of course, Vicki wants all of her fans to know that she's still the same gal from episode one.  She opines, "My life is pretty normal; I spend a lot of time with Troy and Briana, in my office, and in my personal dating life. I clean my own home, plant my own flowers, cook, grocery shop, and attempt to stay as fit as I can in my private time. I'm a hard working Midwestern girl, with Midwestern values that is trying to find her way in life. . just the way most of you are. I make mistakes, get angry, laugh a lot, and also am very sensitive and emotional. Most of these things you already knew about me from watching. I'll make mistakes. I'll own my mistakes because I'm human and I'll always attempt to never repeat them again."

Vicki concludes, "I know a lot of you have voiced your opinion on Brooks [Ayers] and although I appreciate your opinion, keep in mind I am a smart woman and I know him more (other than his family) than most of you. I don't read the comments people post on the blogs because I have seen the level of anger and meanness there."  She may not read it, but has she listened?  Only time (hopefully not another hundred episodes worth!) will tell…


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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