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Okay, if I didn't already know that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was scripted, I think Kirk Frost's mountain weekend last night would have been a dead giveaway.  Seriously?  The dude has a pregnant wife and he has cameras following his every move.  I hope both he AND Rasheeda are laughing their way to the bank with that VH1 storyline!  Let's get started, shall we?

Kirk heads to Benzino's to vent about his pregnant wife making a video with HIS money from THEIR joint account.  Benzino thinks that his friend is starting to wage a battle on his wife, and he hates seeing a "power couple" like the Frosts crumbling.  He thinks his friend needs to get away from the city and the strip clubs and head to the lake.  Kirk will be able to clear his head, and hopefully Benzino will forget he can't find love in the ATL.


K. Michelle is still hoping that she and Mimi Faust can get past their issues.  Mimi still doesn't seem very receptive regarding K. Michelle's apology, but at least she is willing to meet her for lunch.  I guess it's easier for Mimi to laugh off their altercations now that she's no longer with Nikko.  K. Michelle agrees with me.  The women hug it out, and are excited to move past their recent ugliness.

Traci Steele is still in shock over Shay's behavior towards Erica Dixon at Karlie Redd's opening.  She confronts Shay who is calm, and she apologizes for taking out her anger on Erica on Traci.  While Shay promises that her future actions will speak louder than words, Traci doesn't think that Shay will change.  With Traci not willing to accept Shay's mea culpa, both women wonder if their friendship is even worth saving.

A judge has issued a warrant for Lil' Scrappy's probation violation, and Erica is worried she may be raising her daughter alone.  She's concerned that Scrappy's run-ins with the law will affect their daughter.  At a lunch celebrating their daughter's birthday, Erica confronts Scrappy about his recent legal woes.  She doesn't want to be the one to have to tell their daughter where Daddy's gone if they judge decides to make an example out of him.  Scrappy is man enough to be straight with his little girl if and when the time comes.

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After one date, Traci decides it's a good idea to introduce her "boo" DeShawn to Drew.  Drew makes fun of him, and Traci can't believe that Drew is being so immature.  She asks if he is jealous.  Um, wasn't that her plan?  Mission accomplished, Traci!  She doesn't like this jealous side of Drew.  He could say the same to her about the entire season leading up to right now.

Joseline Hernandez and K. Michelle are meeting up for drinks because Joseline wants to get K's advice on doing the independent circuit for her music.  She also wants to share that she's all set to marry Stevie J. after reconciling.  Does Stevie know that they've gotten back together?  K. Michelle is familiar with mixing business with pleasure, and she knows it's a career deal breaker.

Scrappy is spending some quality time with his daughter at Momma Dee's house.  He's mentally prepping himself for the conversation about turning himself in to authorities.  She asks if he did something bad to go to such a horrible place.  His daughter is precious, and I hate that she is now old enough to understand what is happening to her father. 

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FINALLY!  I have spent a good deal of time in Atlanta, yet I've never been cool or posh enough to have frequented any of the restaurants, clubs, or bars shown on any reality show filmed in Peach State.  Until now.  Rasheeda's friends are hosting a baby shower for her at Sun In My Belly, and it is pure deliciousness.  It's an odd mix…Rasheeda, her mom, Erica, Traci, and Karlie are all discussing Kirk's newfound jackhole-ness.  Traci can relate to Rasheeda's situation as Drew left her when she was pregnant…although she hopes that isn't the case for her friend.

Meanwhile, Kirk and Benzino are riding motorcycles out to Lake Lanier.  He's tired of raising his kids (that's a quote)…he's just ready to do Kirk.  So much for Benzino's plans for fishing and man time…another guest has stocked the cabin with a plethora of video vixens.  Something tells me this isn't going to end well…

Drew invites Traci to lunch, and he's not onboard with her new Seal/Akon hybrid.  Drew is doing everything in his power to try to win back Traci.  He's done sowing his wild oats, and he knows she wants her family to be together.  Drew goes in for a kiss, and thankfully Traci is way over his arrogance.

Dee is taking her son to turn himself in at the courthouse.  She is in tears, and he's ready to turn his life around for the sake of his daughter.  Erica meets Scrappy at the probation office to walk hand-in-hand with her daughter's father.  It's nice to finally see Dee and Erica put aside their differences…even if just for a second.

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Joseline pops in on Stevie at the studio, and she tells him that it's now time for him to make the ultimate commitment.  Of course, she should make sure that Stevie can respond with an "I love you too" instead of "do fat girls eat cake?" or "do pigs make pork?"  That would be a good start.  When Stevie starts his double talking, Joseline begins crying because she feels like the side-chick instead of his main squeeze.  Seriously, what do these women see in Stevie?  He tells her he just needs some time, and of course she just eats up his words with a spoon.

At first, I think VH1 is premiering a new video, but I realize it's the boy's mountain weekend.  Kirk has women hanging off of him, and he's ready for the bachelor life.  Benzino is worried that his friend is going to do something he regrets.  You think?  Is it just me, or does 'Zino sans shirt look just as neckless as a clothed Benzino?  The crowd hits the hot tub, and Kirk has a woman in his lap licking his head while another lady practices ballet right next to him.  WHO IS IN BENZINO'S LAP?  Readers, help…is that Bambi from Basketball Wives: LA?  Kirk wants to channel his inner Will Smith, and I think he's about to have a threesome.  Yup.  He is.  Wowsers.

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That is totes Bambi, isn't it??


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