Vicki Gunvalson’s Son-In-Law Ryan Culberson Has A Prior Record For Domestic Violence!


Ryan Culberson is feeling the unfortunate side-effects of reality TV and 15 minutes of fame. You have no secrets anymore, honey! Just ask your mother-in-law Vicki Gunvalson. #ToothlessGreekAffair #Threeway  #CheatingWithBrokesAyers  #PissyGunderpants 

On the season finale Ryan got loud and abrasive with Lydia McLaughlin's 64-year-old mom Judy when she was *gasp* resting her feet on Vicki's brand. new. sofa. Ryan flew into an appetite for destruction rage and cussed her out.

When he faced major backlash from viewers, he blamed editing and said Real Housewives of Orange County producers made him look bad. Judy spoke out and denied Ryan's version of events, however. 

Well, it turns out Ryan's temper is a bit worrisome. We did some digging and discovered that Briana Culberson's husband (who has been married once before) has a record for domestic violence! 


According to the Orange County Court Records a woman named Rachel charged Ryan with Domestic Violence in 2010. Interesting Ryan was married to his FIRST wife, Melia (I believe they were separated) at that time and it was also around that time that he met Briana! Briana and Ryan eloped in 2011!

Rachel was granted a restraining order against Ryan according to court records


A source told us Ryan was "sneaking around" on his first wife with Briana, who didn't know he was still married at the time! He's definitely not the ”knight in shining armor marine," the source added. According to court records Ryan's divorce from his first wife Melia was finalized in 2010. 

Wow! This is shocking and unfortunate. Vicki and Briana just returned from a European vacation with Troy, while Ryan is deployed in Afghanistan on his fourth tour of duty. Interestingly, both Ryan and Briana have deleted their twitter accounts… 

Tonight is the first installment of the epic three-part RHOC reunion. Lauri Peterson appears and Vicki reveals some damaging information about Lauri's past. Gretchen and Vicki continue to squabble about who cheated the most and who is a "liar face". And of course, the ladies argue until their facelifts sag and the sequins loose their lustre. 

We won't be live-tweeting tonight because we're giving Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's epic reunion some love for a change. Those kids are major drama too! If you're a fan make sure to join us on twitter. Of course we'll be back with a RHOC recap tomorrow. 

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