Vicki Gunvalson Denies Cheating On Donn & Having A Toothless Greek Lover! Admits To Peeing On Bed


Vicki, Vicki, Vicki… what are we to do with you? 

The Real Housewives of Orange County star has found herself in a firestorm of negative controversies as of late from alleged affairs with toothless Greek men, to fraud lawsuits, to a pissy little moment in Mexico. In her new bravo blog Vicki confronts all the stories from Lauri Peterson and admits, that yep – she actually did pee herself on Tamra Barney's bed. 

Vicki reveals that she and Lauri had a "cordial" relationship as acquaintances for years after she left the show. The two even appeared on WWHL together last year with no malice. And she explains the phone call from George's MIL that seems to be behind Lauri's animosity. 

"I received a phone call from George’s ex-mother-in-law at my work who proceeded to tell me some 'not so nice' things about George. She told me that her ex-son in law (George) was 'not so nice' to his children and her daughter and that I should let Lauri know this. Since Lauri was a new friend of mine, I really didn't know what to do with this information. I was not real close with her, but she did work for me and I didn't want to get in her personal relationship with George, nor did I want to hurt her with this information because I didn't know if it was true or just malicious information."


"Since Lauri was so happy with George, and since I didn't really want to get in the middle of it, I decided not to tell Lauri. The phone call followed up with an email from the mother-in-law, and again I did not tell Lauri."

"Jeana Keough and I were close friends at that time, and I went to Jeana and asked her opinion of what I should do. My intentions were good, and that I didn't want to hurt Lauri at all nor did I want to get into their new relationship in any way shape or form. Jeana happened to tell some other people and it got back to Lauri and she was upset that I didn't go to her with this negative information on George."

Vicki admits this was a mistake!

"If I could go back in time (over seven years ago now), I would have gone directly to Lauri, never to Jeana, and just kept it between us. I never went to the press with this information, and never went 'public' about this. I actually was very uncomfortable with this information from George's ex-mother-in-law and I really wanted it to go away." 

As for Lauri's accusations, Vicki says they are complete lies and Lauri has ulterior motives. Regarding the threesome, Vicki says she was so mad hearing about this her blood was boiling. 

"The truth of the matter is I took Lauri on an insurance convention with me in New Orleans. We actually filmed that trip which I believe was either Season 1 or 2. It was prior to her meeting George." 

"One of the people who was on the trip was one of my sisters, who also was in the insurance industry. I had some of my close friends (who happened to be a few men) to my room for a cocktail party, which included Lauri, and my sister. It was really late in the evening, and a few of us sat on the bed talking while Lauri and others were in the room and was also part of this conversation. There was nothing ever inappropriate going on the entire time, everyone was FULLY CLOTHED, and she twisted it to Gretchen [Rossi] insinuating that I had a 'threesome.'"  

And now for the good stuff – the toothless Greek lover Vicki smuggled back home and made live in the garage until his veneers healed! Aaaaahhh… passionate love! Anyways, Vicki insists Lauri is lying about this too! 

"How and why would I bring a Greek man to United States with me, or even back to my hotel room when I was with 15 women the entire time?"

Vicki shares that she was on a girls trip with several other women where she had a roommate the entire time. "I was never alone or apart from my roommate the entire eight days. When I returned from Greece, Lauri was still working for me and I told her how attractive some of the Greek men and women."

"I told her we went dancing one evening and how much fun we all had and that we had met a group of young men that were a lot of fun. Nothing ever was inappropriate, or was there ever a time I was alone with them. The fact that she LIED again saying that I brought back a "toothless" Greek man is just unbelievable." Vicki says her friend can vouch for her activities on the trip. 

And Vicki adamantly denies being unfaithful to Donn while they were still together. Tamra also accused Vicki of this. 

"Lastly, Lauri saying that I had multiple men during my marriage to Donn is another lie. Truth of the matter is I am in a male-dominated industry and I have a lot of male friends. It's been hard enough for me to expose some the truth on this show that I was not proud of, but I won't tolerate lies." 

And finally Mexico! And you know the time Vicki needed a puppy peepee pad since she forgot her Poise inserts! 

"Yes, I'm utterly embarrassed on the little 'leak' I did on her bed. After a few tequila shots, no time to stop for a bathroom break I leaked when I was laughing so hard. Please excuse that as my formal apology as I was not proud of that whatsoever and very embarrassed. Ugh." 

Oh and Vicki denies that Gretchen and Heather Dubrow were actually ditched. "They knew where we went, and if they really wanted to join us they could have. They knew where we went so I don't understand how they acted like we 'ditched' them." 

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