Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: The En-nigh-ee Of An Era

lhh reunion4

It's so haa-arrr-arrd to say good-bye to Stevie Jaaaaaaayyyyeeeeeee!  Last night's final installment of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion was bittersweet.  On one hand, it's been an emotional roller coaster of a season, and this girl is drained, but on the other, speaking like Lil' Scrappy in the off-season tends to draw some strange looks in my place of biz-nigh-ee.

We'll jump right back into where Mona Scott Young left us…with Rasheeda and Kirk Frost's dysfunctional marriage.  The audience is stunned to re-watch Kirk suggest his wife get an abortion, and he says–with a straight face, no less!–that pulling out was a legitimate form of birth control.  What, is he sixteen?  Mona scolds Kirk when he laughs over the footage of his affair, and he again relays to Mona that he believes Rasheeda gave him a free pass.  Mimi Faust is all "oh no he didn't" from the sofas, and Drew knows better than do anything but nod in agreement to Mimi's outcry since he's sitting between her and Traci Reece.


Mona calls out Benzino for being guilty by association, and everyone favorite bobblehead admits that seeing how hurt Rasheeda was when the events unfolded made him really sad.  Benzino feels responsible for Kirk's actions to a degree, but Rasheeda thinks her husband can make his own decisions.  Traci, stop trying to make "Popcorn Hoes" happen (name that movie for bonus points!).  As Rasheeda continues to share how humiliated and hurt she was, Kirk stares blankly and then tries to convince the audience that Rasheeda wasn't very supportive of him falling on hard times.  Is he for riz-nigh-eel?  Rasheeda admits that she's still consulting with an attorney, and she thinks it is ludicrous that some viewers think that the couple did this for a story line.  Kirk tries to apologize (it's lame), and Benzino literally gives his friend directions to repent…which Kirk refuses to follow.  Run, Rasheeda!

We are treated to highlight reel of Mimi's most massive "in your face" meltdowns, from K. Michelle to Stevie to Ariane to Nikko.  Stevie takes the opportunity to inquire what he can do so that the pair can raise their daughter in harmony.  He's getting no support from Mona, that's for sure!  Mimi doesn't believe that his apology is sincere (perhaps he's taking lessons from Kirk!), and Joseline Hernandez promises to have a mutual respect for Stevie's baby's mama.  She agrees with Mimi that Stevie is an insincere liar, but she loves him anyway.

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Mona surprises the cast with a surprise visit from the fake Rolex gifting NikkoK. Michelle storms off the stage, and Stevie J. bows up to his knock-off.  Benzino tries to have his friend's back, and Traci starts yelling "What are you going to do up there, Benzino?" over and over.  Priceless.  She makes a valid point.  Nikko reveals that he and Mimi are still together, and he and Stevie get into another stand-off about how much bread each makes.  They both start tossing cash into the air from the pockets of their Justin Bieber inspired meggings.  Seriously, those diaper pants aren't flattering on anyone!  Stevie accuses Nikko of renting the money he's making rain.  Nikko poorly addresses Ariane's concerns, and Mimi looks uncomfortable to be in the middle of Nikko and Stevie's war of words.

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No-neck and the bus driver take the stage with Joseline and Karlie Redd to determine if Benzino broke guy code by sleeping with Stevie's lady.  While Benzino denies ever telling Karlie that he bedded Joseline, he thought that casting a fake Joseline in his video was funny.  Stevie believes his friend and calls Karlie "messy" even though she's sticking to her story that Benzino showed her a NSFW (to put it mildly) video of Joseline.  Benzino is adamant that he never "Smashed the Homie," although Benzino has quite the reputation for booty calling all the ladies in the cast.  Joseline knows that Benzino and Stevie are two peas in a pod, and Karlie shares that Benzino just asked her to come to his dressing room after the reunion.  Benzino sets the record straight that it was Karlie who texted him, but it doesn't keep him from being the butt of Mona's jokes.

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The hashtag battle is on, and Mona wants to know which couple viewers think are smashing…is it Mimi and Stevie, Benzino and Joseline, or Scrappy and Shay?  Congratulations Scrappy and Shay!  Scrappy and Erica Dixon and their moms join Mona once again, and the war between Momma Dee and Erica is highlighted.  Erica's mom and Dee are in a heated dispute, but I can't quite tell what they are saying.  Are they vying for a spin-off?  Scrappy swears that he didn't cheat on Erica once they became engaged, but once he's put on the spot, he stops claiming his innocence and accuses Erica of cheating too.  On cue, Shay takes the stage.  She tells Mona that Scrappy was texting his love for her while he was in rehab.  Scrappy admits that they did text, but he didn't profess his love for her.  They both share that they were sliz-nigh-eeping with one another at some points during the season, but Shay has a new man now.  Erica and Shay start trading incoherent insults before Mimi cuts to a commercial break.

After the break, K. Michelle performs her new single.  Finally, the yelling stops, and we are treated to her new single.  I can't be sure, but I think she's being backed by the reunion band.  Mona brings the reunion to a close, saying that Scrappy and Erica had to leave due to a famliy emergency.  What?  Is that code for "got fired"?  A montage of Joseline's one-liners close out the show.


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