Audio: Melissa Gorga Singing Live – Radio Station Makes A Goof With Released Recording?

2013 MTV Music Video Awards

Melissa Gorga is not going to be happy about this! 

While doing some press for her new single "Never Let Me Go", The Real Housewives of New Jersey star stopped by XL106.7 radio station in Orlando and sang the song for the audience.  Right from the get-go I knew something was "off".  The sound is all wrong.  Melissa's track isn't playing and the station's commercials are going in the background, too.  So it's like a crazy mix of her mic and their live feed and it wasn't cleaned up properly or something and no background vocals, etc. 

I have to stick up for Melissa a little bit on this one.  Have you heard Taylor Swift, Kesha, or other big names when something similar happened to them?  Yeah, it's not pretty – Google it!  And they at least had the music track playing to help the scare factor! 

We reached out to Melissa's rep to see if they care to elaborate on the singing snafu.  We'll let you know if they share any details. 



Photo Credit: AndresOtero/