Vicki Gunvalson’s ‘Vicki’s Vodka’ Partner Files Another Lawsuit Against Her And Brooks Ayers!

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Oh good lord! After agreeing to drop the FIRST lawsuit he filed against Vicki Gunvalson, her Vicki's Vodka partner, Robert Williamson III, is now filing a new lawsuit against Vicki and her on-again/off-again loser Brooks Ayers! Is this guy looking for publicity or what?!

Robert, a professional poker player and partner in Vicki's Vodka, is dragging the Real Housewives of Orange County star back to court alleging she breached a settlement agreement they had reached in order to end the initial lawsuit. Robert filed his new suit on Friday and he's including Brooks in this latest action as well. If you recall, Brooks is still being sued under the FIRST round of litigation Robert initiated. 

In the new suit, Robert accuses Vicki of many of the same offenses as in the original suit: committing "fraud, civil conspiracy, breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith dealings, misrepresented and unjustly enriched herself and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on him."


The original suit against the grifting couple claimed that Vicki gifted Brooks with a small percentage of the company and Brooks turned around and re-sold that percent to Robert claiming he needed the money for child support and taxes. Then Vicki tried to insist Robert return the company to a 50/50 partnership despite owning around 65% of the company. Or something like that. 

Interestingly Robert's original suit was dropped shortly before he appeared on an episode of RHOC promoting Vicki's Vodka!

This mess is confusing me. And is it really worth it over a Bravo Home Shopping product no one is going to buy?! In the new suit Robert filed he says that in July Vicki approached him saying she wanted to settle out of court and they came to mutually agreeable terms to end his legal action against her. After "extensive meetings and negotiations" they signed an agreement on July 15. 

Following the signed agreement Robert "dismissed without prejudice" his suit. But then Vicki got back together with Brooks and things got messy again! Robert claims that "almost immediately" after the agreement was signed  "Vicki disregarded the settlement agreement and breached the same." So he headed back in court accusing her of the same breeches! He basically claims Vicki wants to reap the rewards of VV without doing any work or really being a partner. 

“In addition to breaching the agreement following execution, Vicki made false statements and representations to induce RW III to enter into the settlement agreement. Vicki represented that she would in good faith abide by the settlement agreement and use her best efforts to make VV successful," Robert's new suit contests. 

“In reality, Vicki had no intention of abiding by the terms of the settlement agreement and had merely used the entire exercise as a means to solve certain problems, including her dismissal from the federal litigation.”

Robert says in August Vicki's attorneys began sending letters that were "contrary to the settlement agreement," says Radar Online. He then claims that Vicki and Brooks began conspiring together  “to work in concert to obtain money” and “deprive him of ownership interest”.

As for Brooks, he is being slapped with a suit for defamation and extortion. The two are duking it out in court over a variety of claims including that Brooks extorted money from Robert under false pretenses. Money Robert gave him because he was afraid and confused by Brooks' intentions. 

Robert maintains that Brooks was ruining his reputation by saying he embezzled from a charity he was involved with. Brooks also was attempting to blackmail Robert (or so it seems) by making threats that an acquaintance of both parties was going to tell Robert's wife they were having an affair if he didn't pony up some hush money. 

“Initially, not knowing what to do, RW III gave Brooks the requested amount of funds," his suit details. Robert then discovered the so-called acquaintance had never made those threats and it was Brooks misrepresenting the situation. Brooks retained “a large portion of funds… for his own benefit.” When Robert discovered the "scheme" he "ceased making payments" to Brooks. 

Robert also claimed Brooks attempted to hire a hitman to have him killed and Brooks in turn filed a counter-suit against Robert for slander. 

In addition to filing suit against Vicki and Brooks related to Vicki's Vodka, Robert is also suing another business associate named Michael Nicholson for several reasons including misappropriation and conversion of funds.

Robert is also naming a group of businesses as defendants: Cougar Juice Vodka, Sweetwaters Distillers, Stillwater Spirits and Woo Hoo Productions.

Well, I really don't know what to think of this except all of these people seem shady, shady. This is like a parody film of a bunch of gangsters! And Woo Hoo Productions? Heaven help me – Vicki did say she was expanding her business… 

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