Lea Black Denies Having A Secret Marriage; Continues To Be Nice To Adriana De Moura For The Sake Of Their Sons!

Lea Black

Poor Lea Black has found herself in an unfortunate Housewives tableau: the most popular Housewife from any given show inevitably gets turned on by cast members/former friends angry that they're not getting a bigger piece of the popularity pie! 

This season Lea is getting some hot and spicy mean girl served up in the form of Adriana de Moura, who obviously is hoping to distract from her own grifter lying ways by trying to make Lea look bad. It's a familiar story in the Housewives Kingdom. Responding to Adriana's rudeness and accusations in the last episode of Real Housewives of Miami, Lea denies lying about her marriage and claims she is absolutely not out to destroy her former BFFL! 

"No, I didn't put an article in the paper about Adriana's marriage license. That has been proven over and over again. The original source was someone on Twitter who has subsequently acknowledged breaking the story," Lea begins in her Bravo blog. And true – that is where the original story came from – just ask us as we were right thick in the middle of it!


"For some sad reason Adriana continues to say I leaked the story when it can easily be proven that I didn't," Lea continues. "I guess it just proves she has no limits to what she will say to blame others for her dishonesty and problems." 

"First she lies to Alex about her marriage for 5 years, then she lies to him saying I put the secret marriage certificate in the paper, then she keeps him from my son, and then she blames ME for hurting him? What?"

Secondly Lea denies pulling an Adriana in the marrying department! "No, I wasn't secretly married to Roy. We were 100% married but didn't think we were a big enough deal to notify the press. We still don't!" I don't get that either… am I living in a different universe?  

"Why would I think anyone outside of our families and friends would care about our nuptials?" Lea wonders (agreed!). "At the time Roy was more well-known than we thought, and I guess the press found it interesting that we had eloped. But we never lied about it, we just didn't put it in the press."

"And I didn't continue to date or use my friends to help me through my struggles. I have been married in my heart, on paper and without a ceremony, ever since." Ahem… ADRIANA! "And no, I didn't lie about my middle name 'Lisa,' it’s been on my birth certificate and my driver’s license my whole life." 

Regarding RJ's birthday party, Lea says Alex and RJ are in separate grades (RJ is two years younger) so they rarely hung out at school – thus nullifying the idea that they're sitting around talking about Adriana's martial snafus or middle-aged friendship drama. I bet the wannabe Mrs. Robinson is sad to hear that! 

"For the sake of my son, I continued to be nice to Adriana even when her behavior confirmed she was not worthy of it," Lea acknowledges. 

Moving away from Adriana, Lea gives praises to Lisa Hochstein for being an amazing ambassador – both with her inlaws and with the ladies of RHOM. "You're a real trooper for your patience and good intentions," Lea gushes. "And thanks for not getting sucked into bitterness and hatred. Your spirit is far too good for that. You are a woman of character and conviction, and I'm proud to call you a friend."

Lea also commends Romain Zago for moving forward with Frederic despite the rude twitter comments he made to Joanna Krupa. "Hats off to Romain for being willing to overlook the two very nasty tweets from Frederic and Adriana about him and Joanna," Lea declares.

"Can you imagine how far the grudge would go and all the drama that would have followed if it were Romain and Joanna sending out the nasty tweets? It's the difference between self-respect, class, and maturity. Let's leave it at that."

Lea offers up a little advice for her former pal: "Adriana, there's an old adage: when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging. This hole you're digging is quickly becoming quicksand."

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