Last night's I Dream of NeNe was more therapy, drama, and famous friends of NeNe Leakes.  When it begins, the Neenster is reuniting with the Donald, and I'll be damned. They have the same hairstyle. Trump wants NeNe to judge the Miss USA pageant.  After their mutual admiration club, Donald shares with NeNe that he's read that she's getting remarried to her ex-husband. She reveals that her first divorce from Gregg wasn't amicable…in fact, it was hostile. Basically, Donald advises NeNe to get Gregg to sign the pre-nup or he's fired.  She also tries to get Donald's advice on blending families, but of course, it all boils down to her getting an extra nice wedding gift from the Donald.

Cynthia Bailey's husband Peter Thomas has bonded with Gregg, and Gregg is looking to his new biffle for guidance as to how to blend his family.  Luckily for Gregg, Peter has a lot of opinions given the fact he has five children that aren't with his current wife.  Peter urges his friend to make sure that everyone gets along.


After that awkward counseling session, NeNe and Gregg took a break from speaking for a while.  NeNe needs more communication, but Gregg feels he needed to marinate.  Over dinner, she tells Gregg that his way of dealing with controversy isn't going to fly in their new relationship. He feels that he just needs to be put in time out for a bit. Um no. NeNe says that Gregg wants to talk about things until they are resolved. NeNe wants to talk about things until she's tired of talking about them.  It's very Mars versus Venus.

NeNe brings up Gregg's children, and we learn that Gregg had custody of his minor kids when they first got together. One day, his wife just took them back, and he didn't challenge her actions. This bothers NeNe for two reasons (and they're good ones!).  First, it likely made the kids feel that their father chose NeNe over them.  Second, who wouldn't be wary of someone who didn't fight for their children? NeNe wants to meet with his children, and she wants their marriage counselor to mediate.  No, Gregg's good.

Gregg is bonding with his groomsmen in his man cave, and NeNe interrupts to discuss the tailoring of the tuxes and the svelteness of the wedding party.  She believes that he couldn't have picked a better group of gentlemen to be part of their special day.  Gregg thanks each of them for their support as he tried to better himself to rebuild his family.

Likewise, NeNe is lunching some of her bridesmaids, including Cynthia and Marlo Hampton.  She is showing off her fifteen carat disco ball, and Cynthia has clearly raided Elton John's closet.  NeNe is dishing on her additional maids, and one of her friends bristles at the mention of Laura Govan. "But NeNe!  You barely know her!" Bristling Bridesmaid Diana is crying about how she's been with NeNe since the beginning, and she accuses Marlo of being an opportunist.  This lunch just went from zero to bitchslap in about 2.2 seconds. NeNe can't be bothered with the drama.

On the way home from lunch, NeNe tries to explain to Diana that she is a good judge of character.  While she appreciates her old friend of being protective, she doesn't need Diana to look for her as far as her wedding party is concerned.  It seems that the root of the problem is that NeNe is refusing to choose a maid of honor, and Diana just can't seem to understand why she wasn't granted the coveted spot.  After all, as she's reminded NeNe (and us) fifty times in the last two minutes…she's known NeNe since long before she was famous.

After that defunct therapy session, Gregg was called to reach out to his brother George and sister Patsy after not having much a relationship with them for the past few years.  NeNe has no clue where this new development came from, but she's not complaining.  His siblings wonder why the pair ever divorced in the first place, and he reveals that he is trying to restore his family. When Gregg brings up his kids' aversion to NeNe, George advises him to address that in counseling.  Way to go George! Gregg's going to go another five years without talking to you if you start mouthing off about self-help and therapy!  Thankfully, Gregg just pretends he doesn't hear his brother, and promises to stay in weekly touch with George and Patsy after being MIA for so long.

NeNe and son Brent are talking about him enrolling in private school in Atlanta.  Brent is tired of home-schooling and traveling with NeNe to Los Angeles.  Of course, he's tired of his mom traveling too.  NeNe doesn't feel guilty about being a working mom, but she knows Brent needs to be around kids his own age.  Brent teases that he'd much rather hang out with his mom than his boring dad Gregg.  After a little prodding, he admits that he's very happy that his parents are reconciling.  Speaking of boring Gregg, are all of the mini-scenes this season going to be Gregg conversing with his dog Playa?  Man, I hope so!

A nervous NeNe is preparing a feast for Gregg's children as she's finally convinced Gregg to get everyone to participate in a counseling session.  Her initial interaction with his grown kids is awkward but cordial.  Or, just awkward. Gregg's speech about family makes things even more uncomfortable, but fortunately, NeNe is saved by the bell when Dr. Jeff arrives.  Jeff moderates, and NeNe wants the kids to understand that she never had an affair with Gregg while he was married. Yes, Gregg had a girlfriend when he was married to their mom, but it wasn't her.

Dr. Jeff is impressed with how tight-knit and cohesive Gregg's kids are.  We learn that Gregg's oldest son gave a negative interview a few years ago about NeNe and Gregg's marriage, and the kids feel like NeNe was collateral damage.  Of course, everything blows up as she gets into a yelling match with said son. There is a lot of yelling over one another and not a lot of listening. NeNe wants the kids' issues to be with their father.  NeNe takes it a bit too far, and Gregg's son exits stage left with Gregg following and yelling at the Bravo cameras to leave him alone.

Next week, the counseling continues, and NeNe faces more bridesmaids' drama.


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