You Could Have A Date With The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik For Only $2500!


Is San Francisco on your bucket list (it's certainly on mine!)?  Do you love delicious cuisine and fine wine (yes and yes!)?  Are you still not over your Bachelor crush on Ben "Flannel" Flajnik (well, um…er…)?  If you answered yes to all of these questions, you need to get yourself on the waiting list for this special.  Right. Now.

At only $2500, it's a steal.  The small purchase price entitles you to three (yes, THREE!) hours with Ben, as he shows you his fave neighborhood haunts and takes you to lunch and/or dinner. That's only $833.33 per hour, so it's practically free!


While the deal is currently sold out (no surprise there!), you can still get on the waitlist.  Plus, if you get to go, you don't have to plan a thing.  The event promises, "It’s up to Ben what you do during your time together. After getting lunch or dinner at one of favorite restaurants, you might help him walk his dog on the beach, explore his San Francisco neighborhood, or chat over a cup of coffee."  Dog walking?  Java?  Swoon!

And how is this for the total package?  The review promises:

If you had a major crush on Ben Flajnik when he was on The Bachelorette or as star of his own season of The Bachelor, now is your chance to spend a one-on-one afternoon with the handsome reality TV star. He’ll take you to one of his favorite places in the city for a leisurely lunch or dinner; then, he’ll pick the perfect spot to spend time chatting and talking about the winery he owns in Sonoma, his experience on the show, and what he does in his spare time. You might go with him to walk his dog on the beach; you might discover his favorite date spot; and you might even get the inside scoop on his new possible reality television show about the wine business.

Seriously, I think you readers may need to fund this for me.  I can wear all gray and do that weird lip biting pout a la Courtney Robertson!

I still remember watching Ben's Bachelorette cast-off at my dad's house when I was visiting for dinner.  Having never watched the show before (or since, I'd bet), he asked, "What's that sad fellow doing in that rowboat?"  Priceless. Hey, remember this?  It's one of my favorite things ever!

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