Jacqueline Laurita Goes On Twitter Rant Over Johnny ‘The Greek’ Karagiorgis; Claims She Did Not Attack Him With A Shoe In Posche 2 Brawl!


Oh Jacqueline "I ain't crazy" Laurita – I truly believe that you keep twitter alive. I mean approximately 98% of all tweets come straight from your iPhone.

Yesterday Jacqueline and her husband Chris Laurita, along with Joe Gorga, met with Johnny Karagiorgis and their attorneys and settle the assault charges they filed against each other in the Posche 2 Brawl which will be showcased on next week's Real Housewives of New Jersey season finale. Hopefully the Lauritas had a real lawyer with them this time! 

With the case summarily dismissed Jacs hopped on twitter to celebrate! First of all, despite witness accounts, she denies hitting Johnny on the head with her shoe. "Disgusting that He lied about me hitting him w/a shoe!It never happened!I didn't do that! Raw footage proves that!" Yes… let's see this raw footage that likely exposes what a whole producer manipulated set-up this entire shenanigan was!


Adding insult to injury (see what I did there?!) Jacqueline and the fam enjoyed "a nice Greek meal" in honor of Johnny "The Greek" I presume. Oh Jacs – you go on with your bad ironic self! 

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 12.03.18 PMJacqueline then went on to say that she is done with "insignificant nonsense" and focusing on "more important things".

As for Jacqueline's claims that she never ever hit Johnny, an "eyewitness" told Wetpaint: “The truth is Jacqueline did take her shoes off and run at him.”  

“It happened directly after Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga were pulled off Johnny. After the men were separated, everyone in the crowd thought the fighting was over, but Jacqueline just snapped. She took both her high heels off and went running at Johnny. She went at his neck with one of her stilettos.”

Johnny also has been blowing up twitter accusing Jacqueline of lying. He claims Jacqueline's comments about his timeline are lies, just like she lied about not hitting him.

Jacqueline spent the rest of the night on twitter, of course. Until she passed out face first in her iPad. And with the rumors that she has been fired from RHONJ in the great casting shakeup of 2013, Jacqueline told fans she is working on some "great projects right now" and she is excited to share them. Do those great projects include a line of switchblade stilettos cause no housewife has ever done those before! 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]