Real Housewives Of New Jersey Husbands & Jacqueline Laurita Get In Brawl At Posche Boutique!


I think the above title of this article is the least surprising thing I've ever written during my tenure at Reality Tea. Yes, another Real Housewives of New Jersey brawl because of Kim DePaola!

Since none of the RHONJ husbands have jobs they have a lot of time on their hands to go around getting in fist fights and camerawhoring.  Apparently over the weekend there was an event to celebrate the opening of Kim D's newest boutique, Posche 2. It's a boutique downstairs and a hair salon upstairs. 

Attending the event were some friends of Kim's who are known to cause much, much drama and be anything but fans of Melissa Gorga. RHONJ twitter users are very familiar with them…


SURPRISE! Penny Drossos and Johnny Karagiorgis (aka Johnny The Greek) were invited! Penny and Johnny were allegedly behind last season's strippergate. It was in their salon where Teresa Giudice met Melissa's former manager Angelo and learned of her sister-in-law's past employment. 

Also on-hand to support Kim D at the opening were Teresa, Melissa, Jacqueline Laurita, and Caroline Manzo. Yes, they're all friends again thanks to producer intervention and therapy. And of course Poison Gorga and Chris Laurita also attended since women's clothing and highlights are so their thing. 

Wetpaint reveals that shortly after everyone arrived drama erupted with the husbands when Poison and Chris went after Johnny. Apparently Johnny had invited Melissa's ex-boyfriend Bryan "Bulldog" Bowen to show up and confront her about allegedly cheating with him after she was married. Does anyone else recall Kim D saying she is friends with the Gorgas now? With friends like these… 

In addition to that mess, Chris got angry because Johnny was making comments about his autistic son Nicholas. So together with Albie Manzo, Poison and Chris got into a brawl with Johnny!  Caroline was reportedly worried about Jacqueline's safety because she also got herself mixed up in the fight!

Reality Tea's source, Tom Murro tells us via a "fightclub participant", "Jacqueline kicked off her shoes and hopped up on a chair then bitchslapped Johnny on the back of his head with her left hand." Reunion Jaqs is back! None of the other wives participated. 

They trashed the salon in the process and Johnny was bruised and bleeding. No word if police were involved, but I anticipate charges being pressed by Johnny if it is as bad as reported. And then Caroline can blame Kim D for ruining Albie's life. Hey Tre – you're off the hook! 

Above, Teresa attending the event at Posche 2. [Credit: Twitter]




Teresa posing with new RHONJ Housewife Jennifer Dalton and Penny earlier this year. [Credit: Twitter]