Farrah Abraham Says Sex Tapes Came Natural To Her; Talks Parenting And Sex On ‘The Doctors’! Removes Chin Implant


Dear Farrah Abraham

I'm not judging you for being any other kind of hoe except for the famehoe kind. Please and kindly seek help for your addiction to attention and we'll forget about all the other unsavory antics you've pulled.

Love, Mary

That's not gonna happen right? Anyway, Farrah has gone from Teen Mom reject, star of a now defunct reality show, to sexytimes maven who considers herself something of an expert. She recently appeared on The Doctors to talk about her sex toy line modeled off her lady parts, sex tapes, and how her new business ventures will affect Sophia's childhood. 


First, Farrah claims her sex toy line is good for people so suck it haters! She describes her sex toy line as "positive, healthy and fun for other couples who have sex lives or are expressing their sexuality." Farrah is adamant that Sophia, now 4, has no idea what a sex toy is or what her mother's occupation is! "That’s an adult conversation, not a child conversation," Farrah maintains. #ThankYouJesus

​As for why she's choosing her current occupation, Farrah compares herself to a doctor who like followed his passion to like help people and stuff and just ended up on TV talking about the magic dildos she makes. It's all like the same, mmmmkaaay!  

"First and foremost, if you are in a certain light, like you know a lot about medical and you become a doctor, or you want to do more things, and earn more money, be a better business person, then your pursue that because it’s natural for you. So I’m just taking advantage, you know, having my cake and eating it too." Sex tapes come natural to Farrah guys! 

When Dr. Ian Smith expressed concern about Sophia discovering Farrah's business endeavors, Farrah said she sees this as a job she needs to pay bills. She also said sex is everywhere and she's able to separate the sex industry side of herself from the mom side of herself. Or something. 

"If she has questions," when she's older, "well then I’m very open and honest to a certain point, and she’ll know the reasons why things happened. And for myself, I got to work, I do licensing deals, I create products, I do other shows. I’m very open and honest about it and my choices of why," Farrah explains. "So that’s something I’m actually proud of because others could look at this and make it a negative, act like it’s going to ruin their childs’ lives, and it’s not."


And since there's no turning back now when Sophia asks her about how the sex tape came to be, Farrah says she would just tell Sophia she was dating someone and they put it on the internet. So she'll lie! Farrah does realize James Deen won't have disappeared from the intenet, right?

"Yes, I was involved with somebody. Yes, it is on the internet. This is what it is, and this is how we’ve moved on from that," Farrah spins. "I mean I talk to people about sex all the time — contraception, those things. And I also understand that everything that I do, and I know that in my circumstances — yes, I’m not married, yes, I am single, yes, I will be sexually active — but, I also separate my dating life, I separate where I’m going. And it’s very hard, I think, some of those things, juggling all that does get very complicated."

Thanks Starcasm for the awesome transcripts from the show! 

Apparently since all she talks about now is sex, people of the internet are accusing Farrah of being addicted. Of course she's not – she's only addicted to herself, you guys. Defending herself, Farrah claims other people are the addicts and they're addicted to watching her tape! 

"I Have no #SexAddiction , but I know your lookin at me havin sex! #WhoHasTheAddictionNow? #Vivid @Vivid," she tweeted.

And finally, something positive that Farrah's done! She took out some of her plastic parts – not her personality, sadly. "Yes I removed my chin implant #AWAKE #SuperWomen sometimes some plastic surgery is to much 🙂 #KeepItReal." Good for you Farrah. One small, itty-bitty step. Only 10,000,000,000,000 more til you're not completely insane! 

Click here to see Farrah going under the knife. She had the paps in the operating room?! Just… no. And she's WEARING FALSE EYELASHES!!!

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