Ken Todd Files Extortion Lawsuit After Attack In Lisa Vanderpump’s New Nightclub!

Lisa Vanderpump Gay Pride 2013

The Poor Vanderpump-Todds are having one helluva year!

First Lisa Vanderpump isn't getting along with any of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates. Then Brandi Glanville accuses her of being manipulative. And now her husband Ken Todd filed a lawsuit alleging he was attacked over construction issues in their new nightclub PUMP Lounge. 

Ken filed the suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming that a "violent and opportunistic ex-felon" Cedric David Cazaref and his brother Kevin, claiming he is the victim of an “attempted shakedown and extortion.”

According to documents obtained by Radar Online David and Kevin attacked Ken with concrete clippers on October 3rd. The brothers were hired as contractors in the new venue. The altercation began when Ken attempted to instruct them in the proper way to use the concrete clippers. The little instructional session went badly as the brothers lashed out at Ken, then attempted to scam him out of $50,000!


“To Plaintiff’s absolute shock and horror, Defendant Kevin Cazaref, suddenly and without provocation, became enraged, grabbed and violently hurled the heavy concrete chipper at Plaintiff, striking Plaintiff at close range, and causing serious and permanent injury to Plaintiff’s lower body, including his hip, leg and knee," the lawsuit alleges. 

"Before Plaintiff could take a moment to recover from the shock of the attack and Defendant Kevin Cazaref’s sudden and frightening burst of rage, or regaining his balance, Defendant Kevin Cazaref lunged and charged at Plaintiff in immediate fear of his safety, Plaintiff quickly began to back away and raised his hands and fists in order to defend himself.”

After the violent attack the brothers then attempted to spin the situation into Ken's fault and began an "extortion" attempt. They threatened to go to the police and the media to paint Ken as the attacker if he did not pony up the cash. Instead Ken went to the authorities – and the courts!

The papers state that the brothers “express oral complaints that they would go to the police with their false and fabricated accusations, and have Plaintiff arrested and charged with battery, brazenly boasting that they had a family member with connections to the police department in the area who would assist them." 

"In perpetuating their fabricated story, unless Plaintiff paid Defendants at least Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) in cash." In order to prove they were serious Ken attests that the brothers did in fact file a "false police report." 

Ken says suffered from “severe and serious mental and emotional distress, pain and suffering, all to his damage at an amount to be proven at trial,” as a result of the incidents. He would like the brothers to pay his legal fees. 

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