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Lisa Vanderpump

We are just at the beginning of Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it is clear that Lisa Vanderpump is in a vulnerable state. Her personal life is in turmoil following the death of her brother, amongst other concerns. As we are used to Lisa being strong and in charge at all times, it is touching- and a little sad- to see her struggling.

And it seems that some of the struggle continues after filming ended. Lisa and her husband Ken Todd left the cast premiere party before her co-stars arrived last week, creating chatter about why they did so. And now Lisa is sharing why things have been so challenging for her lately-including her interactions with her co-stars.

Lisa Vanderpump - Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Last night’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills was a filler episode of wealthy women doing what Bravo wants us to believe wealthy women do: shopping and pastry decorating in between filming PSAs about parental abandonment (aka empty nesting) and eating disorders coinciding with the launch of your Instagram modeling career.

Things begin with Kyle Richards driving Lisa Vanderpump to Dr. Ourian‘s office. Dr. Ourian is the plastic surgeon to Kardashians and also Brielle Biermann’s lips, so you know… do what you will with that. Then book an appointment with Paul Nassif immediately afterward.

Anyway, Lisa takes a hit of laughing gas, which according to her “is like drinking a whole bottle of wine without the hangover” and gets her neck tightened. Kyle videos the whole procedure, and LVP explains that laughing with Kyle is necessary for her as she deals with the loss of her brother.

Lisa Vanderpump Says Dorit And PK Kemsley Did Not Pay $5,000 Fine-And Also Got Rid of Second Adopted Dog

Throughout nine seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillswe have learned many things about Lisa Vanderpump. She has a dry and wicked sense of humor. Lisa also has a taste for fussy, custom made clothing. And most importantly, there are three things she holds dear. Her personal integrity. Her beloved husband Ken Todd. And her love of four footed creatures of all kinds. This season, it seems that Lisa will be challenged to defend all three.

Lisa is currently caught up in “Dog-Gate”-a mysterious story about how a dog named Lucy from Vanderpump Dogs wound up in a shelter after being adopted by Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley. And rightly or wrongly, Dorit is being cast as Cruella de Kemsley. Now, both Lisa and Dorit are sharing their thoughts about the situation.

Lisa Vanderpump Kyle Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 premiere episode packed a lot of punch. Who would have thought that a dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice could have such a major impact? The tension between Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley was palpable, even through the TV screen.

Once again, the leveraged relationship friendship between Lisa and Kyle Richards appeared fractured as well. That first episode set the stage for a dramatic season. Consequently, expectations for tonight are pretty high. But will the ladies deliver?

Kristen Doute - Vanderpump Rules

I’ll tell you a secret: you will not find your answers in life by going to the Disney World of Yolanda Hadid’s Lyme Brain, aka Solvang (a pretend version of a Dutch village) and drinking until you fall on your ass in an unflattering romper repurposed from vintage prison uniforms. Just ask the ladies of Vanderpump Rules who tried just that!

Likewise you will not improve your life or your relationship by having a guy’s night at a hotel where you pretend you’re just picking up chicks for a single friend. That will instead make you realize you’re married to someone like Katie Maloney, who is wearing your balls as a ring on a string.

Kristen Doute

On tonight’s Vanderpump Rules the ladies are still in Solvang – the Epcot Center of wine countries – and Crazy Kristen Doute is rearing her ugly head. We like to call her ‘The Kritter’ since it’s so much more ominous but you know either nickname will suffice.

While Kristen threatens to destroy the trip, just like she ruined the most EPIC PRIVATE JET ride in history, Scheana Marie has a tantrum over her collapsed friendship with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, I suppose…

Kyle Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills served us drama in the Season 9 premiere last week. It looks like the season centers around a nasty squabble between former (?) friends Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. Obviously, this is not the first time the two have shared a mutual disagreement. Still, the argument peaked when Lisa’s husband Ken Todd accused Kyle of being a “f-ing liar.” Then, he dismissed her from Villa Rosa.

We have never seen Lisa and Kyle go at it quite like this before. Could it be the end? Kyle discussed her side of the story and how surprised she was at Ken’s vitriolic reaction.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills - Dorit

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 premiere finally revealed some tantalizing clues about the reasons for Lisa Vanderpump’s estrangement from her former friends fellow Housewives. Lisa has also been dealing with the unexpected death of her brother on April 3, 2018, and seemed very emotional during the first episode.

Much of the drama was driven by Dorit Kemsley and her husband, PK Kemsley’s, decision not to keep a dog. They adopted Lucy from Vanderpump Dogs. Lucy nipped Dorit’s children (not good) and PK (marginally acceptable). Then, they allegedly re-homed the dog to a supposedly wonderful new family. Somehow the pup ended up in a shelter.