Preachers Of L.A.’s Bishop Clarence McClendon Compares His Entourage To Jesus’ Disciples


Just like with every reality show, we're slowly learning more and more about the men featured on Preacher's of L.A., and, of course, we're figuring out which ones we like and which ones tend to grate on our nerves a bit (or a lot!). As these men of God drive around in their Bentleys and Escalades and travel the globe with personal massage therapists and body guards, it's hard not to be a bit skeptical.

On the first episode, Bishop Clarence McClendon and gospel star Deitrick Haddon got into a heated discussion about the former's need for a massive entourage. Seriously, the man is one personal umbrella holder shy of being P. Diddy. Now, Clarence is hoping to clarify his points and clear up any misconceptions they viewers may have about him.  It's rich, people (although not as rich as he is!).


The Christian Post is reporting on a recent interview the prosperity preacher gave about the incident and further explaining his side.  Bishop McClendon states, "Jesus didn't have a mega church, but he had 12 disciples. Some people would refer to that as entourage, but these were men who were trained to assist Jesus in his ministry assignment." Yeah, I am pretty sure Jesus was walking around sporting a suit that costs more than all of monthly expenses combined, but…

Clarence continues, "So the people that I have travel with me have a function in my ministry assignment. The thing that I cleared up and wanted cleared up was that the people I travel with, my ministry pays for those people, they are covered by Clarence McClendon Ministries."

After the episode aired, another mega church preacher, Pastor T.D. Jakes, had harsh words for his colleague, reportedly telling his congregation, "Now, I know you been watching that junk on TV. I want to tell you right now, not one dime of what you're sowing right now will buy my suit. I want you to know my car is paid for. I want you to know I got my house on my own. I want you to know I'm not bling-blinging. I am not shake and bake. I had money when I came to Dallas and I plan to have some when I leave."

Bishop McClendon's response? He shares, "I have a great deal of respect for Bishop Jakes…he is entitled to his opinion, but but at the end of the day, it's just that, one man's opinion."

Well, we all know that old saying about opinions, don't we?  What's yours?


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