Brandi Glanville Is Disgusted By Lisa Vanderpump’s “Little Digs” And Her “Closeness” With Scheana Marie!

Real Houswives of Beverly Hills make an appearence on Extra

So yeah, Brandi Glanville does not like Lisa Vanderpump! Their friendship was like so last season.

Responding to the season premiere Brandi calls out Lisa for making a series of "little digs". I must have been watching a different episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then! 

"I was honestly shocked to see all the digs that Lisa took at Kyle [Richards] in this episode. . . .not to say that Kyle and I won't have many future digs for one another along our path," Brandi admits in her Bravo blog

"But this one really stuck with me and I just found it so inappropriate: when Lisa was speaking of the Mauricio's cheating rumors in front of Portia, Kyle and Mauricio's five year old daughter!!! Portia is five and she and my son Jake are almost the same age. Let me tell you these kids hear and understand EVERYTHING that gets said to them and around them." 


"Listen, I am all for putting the elephant in the room on point, as I always have been, but you never do that around someone's child. We are grown ups we pick the time and place."

Here's what I find inappropriate: all the s#*! Brandi talks about EVERYONE! How about all the digs she's made at Kyle or Adrienne Maloof or Kim Richards (poopy pillow-gate, anyone?) or Taylor Armstrong. Look Lisa made an inappropriate joke – Brandi of alllllllll people should understand that. And perhaps Lisa's joke was rooted in the fact that she and Kyle are not getting along, but we are acting as if Lisa put up a photo of Mauricio with another woman on twitter! 

Brandi goes on to say she is still working on her relationship with Kim and Kyle. Good for them. And of course then she puts Scheana Marie on blast. 

"In closing I would love to say I am shocked about the level of closeness and ass kissing between Lisa and Scheana. At that particular time I would have been quite shocked by it, but sadly I now know better — and it is hard to pretend otherwise," Brandi remarks. 

"P.S. Dear random 30-year-old cocktail waitress, my face may not move but neither do my legs when it comes to taken men, no matter how hard they come at me." 

Le sigh – are we EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER going to hear the end of Brandi playing the woman scorned card? I mean she's written a book, a twitter anthology, and spent two seasons on a reality show complaining about it. Maybe it's time to pass the torch to her new bffl Kyle! 

Maybe I'm being too hard on Brandi, but I think this season everyone is lumping in to paint a portrait of Lisa as this atrocious human being when all of them were happy to be her friend when they needed publicity, attention, a storyline – whatever. And you know, I like to root for the underdog which is why I loved Brandi in the past. 

And furthermore, Brandi should be wary because Scheana is the new Brandi was the new Kyle!

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