Kenya Moore Defends Herself Regarding Eviction; Calls NeNe Leakes Attention Seeking And Apollo Nida A Liar!

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Oh Kenya Moore – so many delusions, so little time!

In the latest round of twirly-telling from everyone's favorite "beauty queen on bathsalts" Kenya explains her version of the eviction nonsense (re: it's not her fault) and complains about NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks! Welcome back Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Breaking her blog into chapters, Krayonce covers all the ground with serious shade. 



"My former landlord Conya Dillon Weems is just like myself the epitome of a vindictive, cold hearted, evil person with nothing to lose, and I finally have justice!" 

"When Conya engaged in her despicable conduct, my attorney filed suit for defamation of character, invasion of privacy, and other now substantiated claims, and the judge recently issued his ruling. The judge found that when I didn’t move out on Conya’s 2 week demand, she threatened to evict me, and then started a smear campaign with the media by furnishing them with lies of late rent and a plethora of other fallacies," Kenya explains.

"I was NOT evicted as widely erroneously reported, and awarded me over $10,000 for damages against Conya for defamation of character and invasion of privacy." I'd like to see the court records regarding that… Anybody?

"AN ACTRESS WITHOUT AN AUDIENCE" aka, Kenya begins a war with NeNe

"I find that when there is an audience, some people tend to overreact making it difficult to actually get to the crux of the real issue." Yes, Kenya I quite agree with your projection! I find that's exactly why YOU behave so outrageously. But moving on…  

"I wanted to talk to NeNe one on one to make sure we had an understanding on where we both stood. We may not ever agree on what the proper protocol was for her regarding her wedding invitation to my ex, but at least we cleared the air. 


"I have been the unwilling recipient of Phaedra’s unrelenting lies from last season," Kenya insists. #Kenlusional "She called me every name in the book, lied, and called me an alcoholic, bipolar, fake, amongst other cruel monikers. I pushed back with my own insults. We are both responsible for attacking each other. So she can’t pick and choose what insults were acceptable to her or not."

Kenya insists she would never, ever proposition a married man! "When Phaedra gets you in her crosshairs, she shoots to kill and she is the dirtiest player in this game. Regardless of what she claims, I NEVER OFFERED SEX, ORAL OR OTHERWISE, TO APOLLO. Clearly she must be a less than stellar attorney, since her claims are based on her motive to throw dirt on my name and not the facts."

"The fact is, I have nothing to hide or lie about with regard to him. Additionally, I could have retaliated for the lies Apollo tried to spew in reaction to when I suggested that he discontinue texting me, however, the truth will be made crystal clear very soon."

"Regardless of how I feel about Phaedra, I would not intentionally disrespect her union. And for that I did apologize for her feeling that way. If there is anyone a married woman would want around their husbands, it would be me. I don’t want any married man, never have, never will."

Kenya also takes some time to address "Beautiful Bloated Cynthia" and reveals that she too has fibroids. Why, oh, why didn't she come up with that storyline first?!

Tonight is an all new episode of RHOA and the drama will continue to explode. NeNe struggles to accept that The New Normal was canceled and she's once again only a reality TV star. Kenya moves out and Cynthia heads into surgery. 

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