Do you hear that? I think it's Mr. Ozzy Osbourne inviting us to join Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore for a ride on the crazy train!  We're goin' off the rails, y'all (or at least she is)! Kenya is treating us to some juicy tidbits in her latest Bravo blog, touching on everything from Kandi Burruss' engagement to Cynthia Bailey's sex life. Of course, we're more focused on her delusions, right?

Kenya continues to call out Porsha Stewart for gay-bashing soon-to-be-ex-husband Kordell. While I don't condone Porsha's childish behavior in any way, shape, or form (seriously, get over it, girl!), Kenya slandered poor Walter's name all up and down I-85 by constantly insinuating that the only reason he couldn't possibly want to be with her is because he plays for the other team. She gives me a headache!

Let's not forget Conya's cop calling! I have no words…but Kenya does, so read on!


Discussing Porsha's behavior, Kenya begins, "My heart goes out to anyone suffering a loss…be that physical, emotional, or financial, etc. I never want to see anyone suffer for any reason.  If my friend were going through a divorce, I would counsel her not to publicly bash her ex. Marriages do end, feelings do change, and people grow apart. Such is life. We are imperfect and unpredictable. When life happens and results in loss, pain can manifest itself as anger. However, when one repeatedly and relentlessly slanders their soon-to-be ex husband by consistently and purposely gay bashing and slandering them, that crosses a hard line. If one claims to have been a loving wife, a loving mother to their son in marriage, and to God, then that son must be protected from such propaganda for the sake of their well-being."  That Kenya, she should give lessons on taking the high road. 

Kenya continues, "I hope this will stop and that she can be a bigger person and accept that the relationship is over and refrain from such embarrassing verbal attacks the way Kordell has never bashed her publicly. That is the mark of a good person. One must look to the greater good and that is the protection of the child."

Moving on to her biggest fan landlord drama, Kenya writes, "Conya showed up at 3pm so she could try to have me arrested to further harass and embarrass me. She called 911 making use of the taxpayers hard earned money to spew a malicious, spiteful, derogatory, inaccurate physical description of myself such as 'implants, weave', etc. WHO DOES THAT? Clearly she wanted me arrested so she can try to sell additional erroneous stories and photos to the hateful blogs," adding, "Conya’s slanderous behavior has cost her over $10,000 in damages awarded to me in court, and up to an additional $15,000 in punitive damages to be finalized in our next hearing. My hope for her is that her daughter is spared from the lunacy of this obsessed fan." Just an FYI…if the damages are "to be finalized" that doesn't mean they're a sure thing! 

In conclusion, Kenya imparts us with words of wisdom, sharing, "Just remember, when people try to tear you down, remember they are always beneath you and reaching up to pull you down. I’m so focused on moving forward I never look back and never downward. #twirlonthat"

​All aboard! Choo-choo!


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