Lisa Vanderpump Is Tired Of Brandi Glanville Trying To Be Controversial And Disappointed By Kyle Richards!


Lisa Vanderpump is having a tough season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With her former friend Brandi Glanville teaming up with her former frienemy Kyle Richards, Lisa is taking a beating for being a behind-the-scenes pot stirrer. 

Lisa's integrity is also being questioned left and right – including whether or not she fake fainted on Dancing With The Stars last season. Well Lisa is fighting back by throwing some serious shade and also finally stooping to the levels of her co-stars and bashing them on Twitter. Well at least bashing by re-tweet! Hey the masses have spoken: Kyle and Brandi are behaving like super twats brats!

"I am disappointed but not surprised to see how gleefully Kyle initiated the conversation of my last performance on DWTS. It was as if they relished me being voted off DWTS," Lisa writes in her Bravo blog about the ladies discussing her in the limo on the way to Carlton Gebbia's luncheon.


"It had been an eight week exhausting journey, and yes, being honest, to some extent it was a relief to have my life back. However it was bittersweet; the thrill of dancing in front of millions, however terrifying, was intoxicating coupled with incredible relationships that were formed between the cast. There was no competition, just camaraderie, as most of us struggled to survive in a situation that was so alien to us."

Lisa shares that tension was apparent as soon as she arrived. "The only hope I voice is that Brandi, to whom I have been incredibly supportive, would stand in my corner. But when I view the footage, I realize that was not so."

Things continued to get odder and odder throughout lunch. And Lisa insists the oddness was not stemming from her covert machinations, but instead Brandi's "necessity to be controversial, which is getting a little old."

Despite all the negativity in their relationship, Lisa goes onto defend Kyle against the cheating rumors surrounding her marriage. 

Brandi "then brought up the subject of Mauricio in the tabloid. You already know my feelings about that, and I quickly said that it was nonsense, dismiss it as it is not worth the paper it is written on. I have had similar stories written in the same magazine about me and Ken, and I have given it the credence it deserved – zero. So I urged Kyle to do the same. Do I believe there is smoke without fire? Oh yes, plumes of it, that billow from these vapid pages that strive to humiliate and demean us. That is part of the territory and what we signed up for."

"Now I am not standing here defending Kyle because of what an incredibly supportive friend she has been to me, no, I am defending the principle," Lisa clarifies. "I believe them to have a strong, loyal marriage, and to let a tabloid define and depict what you have worked so hard for is utterly ridiculous. She should ignore it and focus on the things that are of more importance." 

Tonight is a brand new episode of RHOBH in which the ladies continue to fragment over accusations and allegations. Brandi goes on the defense against being called a bully by Kyle. The ladies end up in an argument over cocktails and the group also visits a circus to learn some colorful tricks! 

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