Kyle Richards Questions Lisa Vanderpump’s Health Problems; Was “Blindsided” By Allegations Of Mauricio Cheating!

Kyle Richards

If what you're about to read sounds familiar, it's because Brandi Glanville's blog questioned the exact same things. It seems the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills partyline this season is painting the formidable Lisa Vanderpump as one bad bitch. 

After Lisa fainted on DWTS and revealed secret health problems both Kyle Richards and Brandi are questioning whether or not they're real. They're also fingering Lisa as the culprit behind some salacious gossip. Hmmmm… 

"On our way to Carlton's for lunch, the girls and I discussed Lisa's faint on Dancing With The Stars. We all knew Lisa was fine and were joking like she would have with us if roles were reversed," Splits dished in her Bravo blog

"Lisa said in last week's blog that she had been plagued with health issues. Blood transfusions, anemia, brain scans, fainting spells, etc. I had NEVER heard this in all the time I have known Lisa. NEVER." Just because someone doesn't reveal all their health problems to you doesn't mean they don't exist – it means they don't value you as a friend, ol' Splitsy. 


Kyle also discussed the strange behavior of Carlton Gebbia

"We arrived at Carlton's and I was immediately intrigued. It feels like a church when you step inside, between the architecture and so many crosses. I grew up Catholic and converted to Judaism and am very open about that. When I asked Carlton what religion she is, I was surprised she was so offended. She said in her interview that it's rude to ask someone their religion the first time you meet. A) It was the third time we met, not the first and B) I didn't ask that to be rude."

Kyle defends herself as saying she truly didn't mean any harm. I actually believe her. "I am proud of my religion and would never be offended if someone asked me about it," Kyle continues. "After seeing all the crosses I was simply curious and had no clue she would be offended. It is very clear NOW that Carlton did not want to like me. I was clueless and actually liked her."

She also says her witchcraft comment wasn't meant to offend. "I had heard that Carlton was a Wiccan or 'witch' and was curious what that meant. When she was talking about her 'witches balls' in her garden, I decided to ask her. NOT a good idea. In an attempt to make conversation and get to know her better, I clearly pissed her off again."

"When Brandi said that Carlton was edgy and a 'c–t' I almost fell off my chair," Kyle admits. "I was thinking Carlton was going to say something back to her but it seems Brandi can do no wrong and EVERYTHING I do IS wrong."

As for the cheating rumor Brandi brought up, Kyle says she was "blindsided" and extremely hurt. Not just by Brandi bringing it up, but by Lisa's unsupportive reaction!

"I was seriously blindsided as we had been getting along and this clearly was not the place to bring up the tabloids that had been attacking my family," Kyle explains. "It had been causing all of us great pain and the last thing I wanted, once again, was to talk about it in this 'arena.' Brandi, Lisa, and Yolanda continued to talk about it. I sat there trying to keep a straight face with a lump in my throat. I knew I was under attack and didn't want to give them the satisfaction of hurting me."

"Lisa in one breath will say, 'Oh, it's all nonsense. You can't pay attention,' then when Yolanda [Foster] went to say something (once again), Lisa quickly jumped in saying, 'Where there's smoke, there's fire.' If you're my 'friend,' why would you say that to cast doubt in everyone's minds? For me, that was a pivotal moment in our relationship." I thought Yolanda made the smoke/fire comment?

"I have never been the subject of tabloid lies before this, and I was clearly not equipped," Kyle claims. "I wanted to just brush it off and 'act' like it was no big deal like everyone had been telling us to do, but I just could not."

"I left Carlton's house in tears and with a clearer understanding of who my friends are…"

It's interesting to me that Kyle and Brandi, whom Kyle admitted was a friend of convenience, are pretty much verbatim writing the same blog when it comes to Lisa… 

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