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It was another drama fueled evening on last night's Love & Hip Hop. The men showed what true class acts they are with Saigon being physically restrained from going after his child's mother and Peter Gunz vowing to do whatever it takes to make sure he keeps both his wife and his girlfriend in his back pocket. At least Rich Dollaz remains his normal doormat self.  Thank goodness for small favors!

To get out her aggression, Tara Wallace turns to boxing with Yandy Smith at her cousin's gym. Let's hope he doesn't take any Instagrams of the ladies like last season! Tara shares her own Instagram gold mine where she found Amina Buddafly's videos of Peter. Three glasses of wine later and she's cutting up all of his belongings. Three glasses? I would have only needed three sips to wreak havoc on Peter's gross behind. Tara asks Yandy about the management situation with Amina, and she seems to understand that it's just business. If Yandy wants to sign Amina, Tara knows that it is what it is. However, Yandy doesn't want the mess that signing Amina brings, and she assures her friend that Amina will not be a part of her label.

Saigon wants to get to know Erica Jean better since, oh, you know, they have a CHILD together. He takes her on a painting date to learn more about his baby mama on a deeper level. They chat about how great being parents is, and I have to applaud them for remembering their lines because this is the most fake conversation ever. Paging Jane Seymour–these two are poised to be the next spokespeople for Kaye's Open Hearts Collection. Their kiss seems about as forced as their small talk.


Amina is working on her music in the studio when she's joined by Peter. Peter loves both women, and he's prepared to say whatever he needs to say to string both of them along. He instructs Amina to stop posting pictures of them on Instagram as it's creating a difficult environment for his children. Yeah no. His behavior is creating a difficult environment for his kids. Amina agrees to lay off the social media if Peter will step up his game as her manager. She needs to see more hustle on his end as far as her career is concerned. Following orders, Peter meets up with Rich on the basketball court to work on getting Amina signed to Rich's label. After hearing about the never-ending messiness that is Peter's love life, Rich assures him that all is good to as far as Amina's musical career.

Cyn and her ass cheeks are meeting up with Nya to catch up on all things Erica Mena. Nya was shocked to learn that Cyn had switched teams, but she's happy that her friend is happy. After discussing Nya's tendency to fly off the handle with her mouth, she comes to the conclusion that she needs to make another effort with Erica. Cyn is glad to hear that her friend and her luv-ah are willing to make amends. I'll believe it when I see it!

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Yandy is ready to move forward with the label, but she and Rich cannot agree on whether to sign Amina. Before they can hash out their differing opinions, Peter interrupts. Yandy explains to Peter that she just can't handle the drama. Peter appreciates Yandy's honesty, and he enlists Rich's help to further Amina's career outside of his label. Peter is convinced that he can separate business from his two romantic entanglements, but Rich isn't so sure. 

Peter is playing pool with Saigon, and Saigon is happy that he's finally found a baby mama that he understands. Kind of. Well, not really. He's worried that his son is developmentally delayed. He draws this conclusion based on three things: first, his other child is a month older (yes, he had two women pregnant at the same time) and is speaking in sentences, while his son with Erica isn't talking at all; second, he's been researching on Google; and third, he's been watching Autism commercials. Saigon is poised to chat with Erica Jean about stepping up her parenting skills and working more with his son. Good luck with that.

Sweet Amir is turning one with his father still behind bars. Yandy is getting more and more frustrated with Mendeecess' lawyer's lack of communication. He calls to hear about his son's big day, but Yandy can't get over what their future holds as far as Mr. Medicine's impending jail time.

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Over lunch with Erica, Saigon broaches the subject about his son's development. After all, he's at Chuck E. Cheese almost daily, so he knows how kids should be acting. If he's gaging other children's behavior on visits to that place, we're all screwed. Not surprisingly, Erica Jean takes major offense at his attack on her parenting skills. He wants to take his son to see a specialist. His suggestion may have been better received if it wasn't peppered with insults about what a fake bleeping hood bleeping ho Erica is. Erica won't allow Saigon to out do her in the hateful comments, and she beats him over the head with her fake Louis Vuitton until he chucks it into the parking lot. Their son is so lucky to have two stable parents! 

Needing to get answers face-to-face, Yandy gets Amir and Mendeecees, Jr. and flies them out to see Mendeecees' attorney. She's throwing out words like "hearsay" and his lawyer reminds her that she isn't privy to a lot of the information surrounding the case. He says that he owes attorney-client privilege to Mendeecees, and only Mendeecees can share what it is she wants to know. As much as Yandy wants to punch Mendeecees' lawyer in his face, she finally understands that her fiance is trying to shield her from the severity of his legal situation.

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Peter ambushes Tara on her way to work since she won't take his calls. He tells her that they need to work together to be a united front for their sons. She reminds him that she was trying to do that when he decided to have an affair and marry his mistress. Peter is seriously a piece of work. He tries his hardest to make Tara feel guilty knowing full well he has no intentions of ending his relationship with Amina. I want to reach through my television screen and yank Peter up by the nostrils. He is a manipulative punk. I don't know why he makes my blood boil like he does!

Erica and Cyn are shopping together. Cyn is less than thrilled that Erica has met with Rich, and likewise, Erica doesn't like the fact that Cyn met with Nya. Cyn convinces Erica that she and Nya can along without all the clashing. Erica agrees to meet with Nya at Cyn's request…but only if Cyn will keep an open mind about her business relationship with Rich.

Yandy's dad is visiting from Florida to give her the support she needs in Mendeecees' absence. Yandy shares her fears about Mendeecees' future, and he urges her to keep a cool head when deciding what comes next in her life. Yandy's father doesn't want her to get her hopes up for a happy ending, but he will be there for her no matter what. Her dad is a sweetheart, and it's obvious how much he cares about his daughter. 

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Nya clearly forgot her promise to Cyn. At the sight of Erica and her fake Birkin bag, Nya restarts the fight about authenticity and credibility. I can't get over the fact that they are fighting in a strip club and Erica is wearing a yarn. Seriously, it looks as if someone threw a bunch of shoelaces at her and she decided it was good enough to pass as a shirt. Gracious. 


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