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I honestly find the crew from this season's Love & Hip Hop more and more amusing as the season continues.  It's not because the show is getting more ridiculous (although it is), but it's because the cast is speaking out about said ridiculousness. The more they try to explain it, the more hilarious the situation becomes.

First, Peter Gunz announced that he didn't like the way he came across as he played Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly against one another. He's tired of living a double life, y'all! Next, Tara felt the need to "clarify" her reasons for sleeping with Peter after she found out he'd married Amina behind her back, thus causing her to stock up on Plan B. Now, Amina is adding her two cents, and it just keeps getting better! Did you know she'd never seen the show before agreeing to be on it? 


In a recent interview with The SourceAmina admits that she didn't know much about the show before signing on to be one-third of a messy love triangle. When you think about it, it's the only logical explanation for her not minding the many comparisons to L&HH: Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez!  Check out the highlights below!

What made you join the cast of Love & Hip Hop?

I joined the cast because of Peter and they wanted to hear Peter’s story as he tried to step into the management role as he manages me, his son Cory Gunz, and Jabril from the “Motown” Broadway musical. They wanted another story that was involved in a love triangle.

When did you meet Peter?

I met Peter while working with a band up in the village in New York and everyone in the band knew who he was and they were telling me that he was smart and intelligent. I ended up falling for him after my break up with my boyfriend.

When and where did you get married to Peter?

I married Peter on February 16, 2013 at a New York downtown courtroom and we are going to be celebrating our one year anniversary in February 2014.

What was your reaction when Tara slapped you?

When Tara slapped me, I knew that she was going to react to me telling her that me and Peter we were married, but I didn’t know that she was going get physical with me and I was so blindsided by her reaction. I’m not a violent person, but I wouldn’t go that route.

How did it feel when Yandy [Smith] said that Tara and Peter slept with each other three weeks after their situation?

I am still pissed with that because that is something that I should’ve asked Peter now that we are together and that she needs to apologize to me for disrespecting me by calling me out on the show.

What are your feelings towards Tara now?

My feelings towards Tara are that I really don’t care for her, but she should take into consideration that I am married and she shouldn’t mess with Peter. Even though she slapped me, I should be mad at Peter, but not her.

How often do you hear people comparing you to Joseline from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”?

I hear that a lot even though I never watched the show, but they compared me and him to Joseline and Stevie J. People made it seem like Peter like Stevie J as a player, me as Joseline, and Tara as Mimi [Faust]. I don’t have a problem being compared to her.

I don't know about you, but her answers seem a tad robotic. Amina knows she should be mad at Peter but she thinks Yandy is the one who owes her an apology? See, I told you—always entertaining!


[Photo Credit: VH1]


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